Sunday, April 7, 2013

Greenfield, Hikind Unite In Singing Praise For Senator Felder

Councilman David Greenfiled, Simcha Felder's successor in the City Council, had high praise of the Senator for pushing through the new transportation bill, calling Mr. Felder "the most influential Orthodox Jewish elected official in the county." adding that "in less than three months, you were there and you got it done."

Mr. Felder, humble enough to say he's only part of the puzzle, had some praising words to his successor in the council."I like to believe that I was a very good councilman when I was in office, but i am proud that you are a much better one than I was. I'm proud to say that."

Assemblyman Dov Hikind couldn't stop praising Senator Felder, on his radio show Saturday night, for the accomplishment in passing the bill. "You have been absolutely super.. you know.. slugging away, day in day out... this was huge," Mr. Hikind told Senator Felder.

"This was so huge, what was just accomplished, during a time when you can not point to many things," Hikind took some praise for himself by taking part in the victory lap. "In general, there wasn't much that we could say 'Look at what we did.. the following three things were accomplished'.. this is huge, I mean how do we outdo this," said Hikind.

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