Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Priebus, Oy Vey! RNC Wants To Win Elections With RJC"s Failed Efforts and Tactics

If only Romney would of succeeded in winning the presidency, power brokers and vote collectors all across the nation would of attributed victory to their outreach and efforts. But Mitt Romney lost by huge margins on key battle ground state, and some' claim to fame is just pathetic and laughable.

The best example is: The RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition). According to the Republican Party, the Republican Jewish Coalition is non other than a role model for the kind of outreach that the party must undertake in order to expand its voter base and increase its chances of winning future presidential elections. 
 The report, released by the RNC  included 219 recommendations, by the five-member fact-finding team that carried out the “autopsy”,  aimed at overcoming the Republican Party’s consistent losses in recent presidential elections and the turning of the demographic tide which will make its task even more difficult in the future.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks released a statement praising the acknowledgement by belly clapping. , "The RJC is proud and honored to receive this acknowledgement of our hard work. In 2012, a very challenging year for Republicans across the board, the Jewish vote for the Republican presidential candidate jumped almost 50 percent, from 22 percent in 2008 to 32 percent in 2012. That ten-point gain was the largest gain since 1972." 

Brooks added, "Republicans have increased their market share in the Jewish community in five of the last six national elections. The RJC believes that our Republican message, coupled with our aggressive and effective outreach and education efforts, will continue to bring the Jewish community into the Republican Party in greater numbers in the future." 

The problem is that we are doomed to failure should the Republican Party adopt that strategy. Obama lost support in all demographics in 2012 compared to his overwhelming support in 2008. In any event, Obama got 68% of the Jewish vote, a slight 9-10 point decline compared to 2008. While we are told that if only Romney succeeds in expanding the Jewish vote in favor of Republicans by reaching 28-30 percent , Florida and Ohio wouldn't even be in play for the Democrats. Even Allen West who lost by a couple of thousand votes would have won big had he managed to get a substantial amount of the Jewish vote in his district.

It should be said bluntly, the RJC scoffed up their chest with money from Sheldon Adelson, but wasted it on consulting, TV ads and outreach in Pennsylvania. If Israel was so important to Jewish voters, how come Jewish voters rebuffed that claim. Where was Ed Koch's (Bob Turner race in NY9) resounding message? How come challenging times for the Jewish State has not awakened supporter of Israel to come out in the masses and elect Mitt Romney?

Yossi Gestetner points out another important component which the RNC and the RJC fail to recognize as part of their loyal base: "The fastest growing Jewish Demographic; the most politically-Conservative wing among Jews are the Orthodox, more so the Ultra-Orthodox and even more so the Hasidim. How many Ultra Orthodox members does the RJC have? How many Hasidim have you seen showing up at RJC events? Dare I say: Part of the GOP Jewish Vote increase is a result of the Orthodox who are representing an ever-increasing percentage of the Jewish Vote but have little or no contact with the RJC."

So yeah, It's time to adjust. But to adopt the failing message, the out of touch connection with the younger generation and the wasting of donors money for muscle-stretching, is just sad.

Come to Southern Brooklyn or Forest Hills in Queens, Mr. Priebus. We will give you some advice of expanding your base and winning elections in democratic strongholds. Bay Ridge has whiskey and cigars too, ya elitists.

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