Monday, February 25, 2013

Keeps Updating: Social Media Uproar Over Hikind's Purim Costume Photo

After mocking it, writing "its my fault lol," Yoni Hikind took it to Facebook today to decry the uproar over his father's act: "So sad how this is being turned around. My dad doesnt have a prejudice bone in his body. Anyone that knows him, knows that. Bottom line is this. Absolutely nothing about his costume was meant to in any way offend anybody. Was with him all day and half the time he was acting as Kadhaffi. (which I actually think he looked allot more like than a black basketball player) Every year my parents open up their house to the whole community and spend the entire day with the one single minded focus of spreading joy love and happiness to as many people as possible. It is a beautiful environment and anyone who has been to their home would attest to the amazing feelings we spread to everyone that is there. These are the facts. Part of the feeling is created by people dressing up. Was it a wise move to dress in a way that could be taken offensively? Prob not. But the fact is, that there wasn’t the slightest idea that someone would be offended by his costume."

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