Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In '08 Interview, Hikind Painted Himself As A Jewish/Israel First Representative

In the spirit of the recent firestorm over Dov Hikind's 'Blackface' Purim costume controversy, in a lengthy interview to The Jerusalem Post, in 2008, during a Purim visit to Israel, Assemblyman Dov Hikind explained that the motive behind the creation of the Jewish-Black alliance was to move them over to be more sympathetic to Jewish causes than combat together against racism.

"In the past, when blacks and Jews got together, they were all liberal and catering to the same agenda. Today, our alliance is not only taking a stand against racism, but against anti-Semitism as well. And all polls indicate that there's more anti-Semitism from blacks in America than from any other group," Hikind told The Jerusalem Post. "The black community is indeed supportive of the Palestinian cause. That's why this alliance is so important," he added.

Hikind likened his single issue-Israel stance to those of the pro-Gay activists. "I'm a Jew first, and I'm proud of it, even though some people tell me not to admit it. But look at gay people. What are the most important issues for them in America? You know, if you're not pro-gay in every single way, they'll never vote for you. That's OK. As a proud Jew, I will never support a candidate who is bad on Israel, even if he or she is good on all other issues important to me."

In that interview, Hikind also admitted his natural home is Israel. "Look, I love Israel as much as anyone - except that I don't live here. I'm guilty of that, and I admit it."

Hikind also added his two cents to describe his Jewishness in one of the largest Orthodox districts in the country. "I hate being called an Orthodox Jew. Why? Because only God knows how Orthodox you are. Look, I represent a community with every Hassidic group that you can imagine, in addition to non-religious Jews and gentiles. What I am is a proud Jew who does what he thinks is right. I always explain to [critics] that I'm not only in politics; I am also an individual who stands up for the things that are important to me. Israel is high on that list."

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