Friday, February 1, 2013

Ed Koch, Israel Iron Wall in the United States

I was shocked to wake up to the shocking news that former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch has returned his soul to the creator. I have come to know Mr. Koch from close, when I worked on the Bob Turner congressional campaign.  I was inspired by his straightforwardness, willingness to listen and to offer advice, but far and foremost his resolve in standing up for whats right. 

Koch, did not shy away from criticizing President Obama in March of 2010, when the Obama administration  help Israel hostage to a settlement freeze, condemning Israel by the strongest terms for building init's capital. The assault on the Israeli government, is an assault on every Jew, Ed Koch suggested. Koch found it necessary to call out the President ever since on  numerous occasions.

Koch's biggest contribution to Israel and the American Jewry, was what I recall an historic moment in the history of New York, when he took the lead to promote an Irish Catholic for congress in a Brooklyn and Queens Jewish stronghold, the district once held by the disgraced Anthony Weiner. 

His message was crystal clear: Jewish voters have an opportunity to express their disappointment of the Obama's administration's treatment of Israel, and therefore have an obligation to send shockwaves across the nation by electing Bob Turner for Congress. 

The election of Bob Turner to a short year long career in Washington, was indeed heard in the oval office, as Ed Koch recalled the president reaching out to him day later, as he attended the UN General Assembly in New York, inviting him to talk over the matter and discuss a shift of policy, which was noticeable in one of Obama's most pro-Israel speech in all times. 

This outright contribution which gave New York's strongest gathering of Jews outside Israel, the opportunity to stand up and speak out for Israel, is one that Ed Koch will always be remembered for - in my heart, and the hearts of many who care for the safety and security of Israel.

As Mayor Koch expressed his worries, to Hunter Walker of Politicker, two weeks ago that President Obama might turn back to his 'dead wrong' policies and approach on the Middle East and Israel; in such challenging times for the Middle East region and for the security of Israel, Mayor Koch will be a voice missing and a soldier hard to replace. 

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