Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Results Show Local Democratic Candidates Easily overcame Previous Defeats in Borough Park

While the Lines were slightly changed in the latest round of redistricting, Borough Park and Midwood, as in 2008, gave Obama his lowest amount of support among Jewish voters. According to the official detailed results published on the Board of Elections website.  
In 2008, President Obama received 7,649 votes (28.61%) to McCain’s 18,924 (70.78%) in the 48th Assembly district. In the newly drawn 48th district represented by Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Obama received 6319 votes (23.64%) to Romney’s 20,207 votes (75.61%). Despite New York not being a swing state, and therefore ignored by both of the presidential campaigns, Dov Hikind as a staunch surrogate for Mitt Romney, traveling to stump on his behalf in Florida, managed to at least defeat the President in his home turf. 

Despite the heavily Republican leaned district, Local Democratic candidates managed to easily defeat their opponents. Congressman Jerry Nadler, who got beaten up in 2008, losing to a relatively unknown Republican candidate by a huge 39 to 60 percent, easily won the 48th district with 10,375 votes (61.03%) to the Republican Michael Chan’s 6597 votes (38.81%).

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand even managed to beat the Republican down the ballot Senatorial candidate, Wendy Long, by a smaller margin - 11,536 votes (51.42%) to Long’s 10,663 votes (47.53%) in the 48th District, compared to her 40.09% of support in 2010.

Even Assemblyman Hikind, who had no race to start off with this time round, benefited from the democratic line, since he was booted off by the Tischler brothers from the Republican and Conservative line. As a matter of fact, Hikind beat himself as a Republican in 2008, winning more votes on the Republican than on the Democratic line. 

In the 45th Assembly district, home to mostly Orthodox, Sephardic and Russian Jews, Obama got 9,824 votes (39.50%) to Romney’s 14,788 (59.45%), compared to 2008,  in which Obama received 10,751 (37.03%) votes to John McCain’s 18,063 (62.22%).

The drop of support for the Republican candidate, may well be attributed to the fact that Obama’s numbers have  improved following Hurricane Sandy or rather due to the evacuation of areas in the district where the Russian population was the heaviest, diminishing the community’s vote.  

The reason the Democratic candidates did better than the President, who was at the top of the ticket, may well be attributed to the contested State Senate race in the 17th Senate District, where Simcha Felder won overwhelmingly with 64 percent of the vote in the 48th Assembly District, garnering over 10,000 votes on the Democratic line. 

Although Senator Marty Golden decisively won his southern Brooklyn district, the released New York City election results indicate he may have lost his signatory neighborhood, Bay Ridge, to Democratic challenger Andrew Goundardes, the Gatemouth blog notes.

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