Monday, July 30, 2012

Analysis: Romney spoke American in Israel

Mitt Romney's Israel visit will not only be remembered by the outstanding reception, and the personal embrace by non other than Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. It will in particular be the foundation of a fresh start, based on the tone and content of his foreign policy speech in Jerusalem.

While Romney was fortunate enough to publicly to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, its important to state, that this recognition is the rule of law, since it passed the approval of the US congress in 1995. Romney's harsh stance against Iran is especially important, due to the grave consequences of a possible nuclear Iran, and the threat it poses on the entire world.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Romney's foreign policy speech in Jerusalem - 'The capital of Israel"

Thank you for that kind introduction, Mayor Barkat, and thank you all for that warm welcome.  It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be in Israel again.  

To step foot into Israel is to step foot into a nation that began with an ancient promise made in this land. The Jewish people persisted through one of the most monstrous crimes in human history, and now this nation has come to take its place among the most impressive democracies on earth. Israel’s achievements are a wonder of the modern world.  

These achievements are a tribute to the resilience of the Israeli people.  You have managed, against all odds, time and again throughout your history, to persevere, to rise up, and to emerge stronger.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Analytics: How Popular is Simcha Felder?

Brooklyn, N.Y. -- In 2004, two years after he left the City Council, Noach Dear narrowly lost for the 2nd time to Senator Kevin Parker by a mere 488 vote margin. In the 3-way Democratic primary for the 21st Senate District, incumbent Kevin Parker got 44.9 percent, Noach Dear 41.7 percent and Wellington Sharp  13.2 percent.

 Four Years later in 2008, Senator Kevin Parker prevailed another hot contested  3-way primary against two term-limited NYS Councilmembers, Simcha Felder and Kendall Stewart.Felder, as an Orthodox Jew representing the council seat for 8 years, also had the backing of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and enjoyed a sizable advantage in political donations.According to the final count, Parker beat Felder by a 3,320 vote margin, getting 51.7 percent of the vote to Felder's disappointing 34.5 percent. The third candidate, Stewart came in respectfully with 13.7 percent.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Flimsy Pretense: Obama's Foreign Policy OK, But....

Sometimes a record becomes hard to defend or elaborate on specifically. To be moderate, President Obama's foreign policy record has not been too much of a success. Gutsy in some areas and naive and stupid or dangerous in some others, especially in the long term. 

This makes it a difficult task, even to some who are eager to defend the President's policies and the President's overall conduct in handling American foreign affairs. It remains shady to a degree that they are left with no choice but to break it up in to regional, specific areas, in a way that dismantles the overall understanding or argument that President Obama has a strong, commanding lead on foreign policy issues.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brooks: "there is a close personal bond between Netanyahu and Romney."

Much has been written on the RJC's drive to register US voters residing in Israel, and get them to vote in the upcoming US presidential elections.
The goal of the group named "iVote Israel" is to sign up at least 100,000 of the 163,395 eligible voters in order to create a strong voting block, that may even make a difference and determine the elections in some crucial battle ground states.

According to polls conducted by iVote Israel over 40% of the potential voters are from New York. The results showed that California and New Jersey come in with under 10% each, followed by Illinois and Pennsylvania, both over the 5% mark. Maryland, Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Massachusetts all represent less than 5% of the Israeli vote. Yet, its important to note that Bush's 537 margin in FL in 2000 included 60 absentee ballot from Israel.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Game On... Now It's Your Turn, Folks!

Its Official: Senator David Storobin is now officially the Republican-Conservative candidate for the 'super-Jewish' district, in one of the most important elections in our lifetime. 

The Storobin campaign handed in the petitions to the BOE this morning, with 2,274 signatures. This was clearly a result of a hard earned grassroots effort, a united 'Jewish' force - to bring about change and restore dignity in Albany. 

Since this is the first time the Republicans are nominating a viable candidate, in a district that can make a difference not only for the Republican party but the entire community, the election is clearly a choice between two different approaches - one that benefits the power brokers, and career politicians, and the other that puts the community's needs first, and that offers solution to the issues that are vital to our daily lifestyle.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Purpose of a Visit to Israel - Locking Arms or Clinching Fists?

As if things couldn't get worse in this unprecedented rocky relationship between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, there's always another reason of concern. Will President Obama actually punish Netanyahu for hosting the Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, on his traditional Israel trip, Chemi Shalev wonders.
You can already imagine the fists that will be clenched and the teeth that will be gnashed in the White House in Washington when Israel rolls out the red carpet for Mitt Romney, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s preferred candidate for president in everything but explicit endorsement.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Connecting with Jewish voters, Romney plays the Israel Card - A Personal Contrast.

For Mitt Romney, Israel may be one place where he can do what Barack Obama hasn’t: Connect.

Romney’s planned trip to the Holy Land, is a move that has less to do with foreign policy than with symbolism, Zeke Miller reports. With Israel representing both Romney’s tough, undiplomatic international posture and his eagerness to find the emotional connection with American voters that seems to come more easily to the incumbent.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Romney to meet Netanyahu in Jerusalem this summer

Mitt Romney promised to visit Israel in first foreign visit after inaugurated as the 45th President. Yet, it looks like Romney has decided to follow the advice of various Jewish groups, that have called on the Republican nominee to visit Israel during the election season, which would be a boost to the US-Israel relationship, and would help Romney with the Jewish vote.

Romney is expected to visit Israel this summer and meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, the NYT reports.