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My Winners and Losers of 2012 List

My winners and losers list of the year 2012, include many I have covered or was personally passionate and connected about the outcome. 


President Barack Obama
Barack Obama didn't really want all of this they said, but he definitely didn't feel comfortable losing to Romney. His Yidishe Kep (Jewish masterminds) directed the narrative of his reelection bid, which was 'I may not of passed the test, but that guy is just horrendous', what ultimately killed Romney in forcing the campaign to focus on TV ads and character makeovers rather than outreach and getting out the base on election day.
John Kerry
He's dry but he knows how to lick a bone. His passionate support for Obama's reelection, and playing an active role in the debates preparations, earned him the trust of the President. Kerry will not give a pass for Netanyahu, and will definitely leave his signature on the State Department.

Paul Ryan
He wasn't the most inspiring veep candidate, nor did he add crucial votes to the ticket, but Congressman Paul Ryan has raised his profile, dipped his head in national politics and came out unscratched from the election process. Who knows, he might well arise as a potential Speaker of the house candidate or House Minority leader in 2014, when Boehner gets eliminated from his position, sent crying in the corners of the Capital sooner or later.

Bob Turner
He is going to retire at the end of the month, but he will always be remembered as the only Reepublican that has defeated President Obama in the polling booth. With the help of Mayor Koch and key Jewish leaders, enforcing the message about Obama and Israel, Congressman Bob Turner managed to do the unexpected, win a national focused congressional seat, that forced the president to shift policy on Israel.Congressman Turner will always remain the most admirable and honest politician i have ever come across and worked for, it was a honor and a privilege to serve him and it was for the benefit of the community and his district the year he served them.

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo
His handling of Sandy, staying out from local politics, and leaving Skelos and the Dems fight it out on their own, has earned Cuomo a warm place in the hearts of Dems, Republicans and Independents alike, and emerging as a viable 2016 presidential candidate, someone we can all live with, if in fact he gets to the top tier in the Democratic primaries.

Jeff Klein
He's a leader to reckon with. The deal breakers and the lobbyist groups, not to mention the governor, have all added his contact number in their address books. From now say: The Senate Majority Leaders.

Simcha Felder
Yes, he won big, decisively against an incumbent Senator, despite the vicious negative campaign by the Twitters and blogs. It costed him the entire war chest Mayor Bloomberg cuffed him up prior his Senate run, but at the end of the day, 66% of voters in the 17th Senate district wanted more Simcha.

The most deciding factor to Senator Felder's win must also be attributed to campaign manager OB Murray and Shia Ostreicher, who managed to get the conservative line for their candidate, by registering Boro Park yungerleit to the conservative party in Brooklyn, enough to decide the primaries. The effectiveness was proven to hand Simcha victory over Storobin, according to the BOE official results. Had Storobin maintained the Conservative Line, the victor would of been decided by less than 1000 votes, based on my analysis.

Storobin would of been close to Victory over Felder had he held cons. party line. Felder would of gotten only 26,624 to Storobin 25,462

David Storobin
Despite his enormous defeat, ending his short career as State Senator, Storobin did the unexpected winning in the special elections on Carl Kruger's seat. Regardless, he'll always be called Senator, and the encoding on his grave will include the fact that he was a State Senator.

Whether he will seek public office again in the future, remains open. Nonetheless, the fact that he raised $650K by himself during the year, definitely places Storobin in the top tier of Russian influencers.

Brooklyn Jewish Community Activists
In what seemed unpreventable, the local Jewish community and activists who strongly supported Hakeem Jeffries for congress and beat back the upstart candidacy of the  notorious race baiter Charles Barron, could add another victory to their pockets. Not only did we stop a well known anti-Semite from reaching the halls of capital hill but we gained the admiration and friendship of an up and coming political superstar who will be a major player on the national and local scene for years to come.

The beauty of that race was, it united all of the major players of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn (including Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Councilman David Greenfield) and the results were staggering. Hakeem won overwhelmingly.


Mitt Romney
Don't believe his son, Mitt gave all of himself to win the presidency. He knew when to shine and when to deliver, when to complain and when to play the hardball, and he had all the reasons set out fro him to win. But as i always say, the measure of success is by the result - The fact that President Obama managed to fire up his sleepy base, and win his reelection bid, despite all of the indications, speaks values not so much about the brilliancy of the Obama campaign, but the colossal failure of the Romney campaign to overlook the Democrats advantages, rather rely on the pundits and commentators.

Mitt Romney might return to public life in the future as an appointee, but his dream of becoming President of the United States was laid to rest on the night of November 6th 2012.

The Republican Jewish Coalition
The RJC's mission, backed by Billionaire Sheldon Adelson dealt a severe blow with the defeat of mitt Romney and the reelection of the President. They said it's all about Israel, its all about Florida and Ohio, its all about the Money, but in the end, the RJC did the gravest mistake by granting a cold shoulder to one pf the strongest voting blocs within the Republican Party - Orthodox Jewish Voters. Not to mention the Chilul Shabbos, and ignoring the need of rallying the Jewish community for the causes that matter. Instead it was all about Obama embarrassing Bibi, and now its about Hagel.

The Jewish Republican Senatorial (Josh Mandel, Ohio; Linda Lingle, Hawaii) and Congressional (Randy Altschuler, New York; Shmuley Boteach, New Jersey; Adam Hasner, Florida) candidates all lost their bids.

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