Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NYC – Republican Wannabees Fight Over Chance to Lose the 2013 Mayoral Election


Who would of thunk that Mayor Bloomberg – who is leaving office next year after three terms – would be the last Republican to stand in NYC. It’s getting crowded in the Republican Party, with numerous Democrats switching party lines in order to run in the Republican primaries for the upcoming Mayoral and citywide elections. Republican mogul John Catsimatidis, is one of many who are feeling the heated room. Catsimatidis told The Insider he will start a campaign account to explore a run for New York City mayor “in the next week or two.

Adolfo Carrión Jr., a former Bronx borough president and Obama administration official, is also seeking the Republican nomination, the NY Times reported Monday night. An adviser to Mr. Carrión, Davidson Goldin, told the NY Times that Mr. Carrión had recently left the Democratic Party and was unaffiliated. Mr. Goldin also said that Mr. Carrión, who would need the blessing of three of the five Republican county leaders to run on their line in the city, had been talking to individual chairmen regularly, and was to meet all of them Wednesday night. Carrión has already a million dollars in his campaign account.

One of Carrión’s rivals jumped the gun in an attempt to stop the successful fundraiser gaining momentum. according to Colin Campbell in Politicker, Manhattan Media C.E.O. Tom Allon, blasted out a five paragraph statement ripping Mr. Carrión over a $10,000 fine he received for using an architect in a personal renovation project who was simultaneously involved in a development that needed his approval.

“We need him to explain how a systemically corrupt one-party system that has allowed 30 elected officials over the last 10 years to be indicted or sent to jail relates to his own serious lack of judgment and ethical breach which resulted in a $10,000 fine levied by the city’s conflict of interest board,” Mr. Allon declared.

Besides Mr. Allon and Mr. Carrión, only Doe Fund founder George McDonald has stepped forward for the GOP. Mr. McDonald, whose nonprofit is dedicated to helping the homeless and the formerly incarcerated get back on their feet, told The Observer that he’s building up his campaign but has yet to formally announce his intentions. “We’re raising money, and we’ll make a filing on January 15,” he said, vowing to raise $16 million in the next 12 months. “When we make that filing, it’ll be clear this is a serious campaign run by serious people.”

Democratic State Senator Malcolm Smith has also been courting Republican officials since August.
While History is with the Republicans, at least since Giuliani came into office in 1994, the changing demographics and the uphill battle any Republican would face in NYC is likely to help the Democratic candidate prevail. The Republicans will face a difficult choice of whom to nominate as a their mayoral candidate, the one likely to lose to the Democratic hopeful this time around. One can only expect a grueling and bruising process from both sides of the aisle, that will keep political junkies and the press pretty occupied for the months ahead.

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