Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Prediction: I Believe in AmeRomney!

Its Official. Mitt Romney is poised to win the presidential election on Tuesday night with a comfortable lead that will send a message of change across the world. 

While i have been sort of cautious to offer my predictions, due to the futility of the race during the past few months, its incumbent on me to asses the outcome of the race based on my analysis and assertion of the final stretch. I can now confidently predict that Mitt Romney will win the popular vote 50-48, and win at least 276 electoral votes, not taking in count any last minute surprise - such as an upset in PA and MI.

There were two factors which would determine the race either way. 1) The October Jobs report; 2) Whether the race is about President Obama or Mitt Romney. Since the October jobs report did not indicate any significant movement towards economic recovery, in fact unemployment even rose with 0.1 percent, and the narrative of the race has shifted since the first debate to become a referendum about President Obama and his policies, its clear as day that Romney is best positioned to be victorious at early as 11PM Tuesday night.

Of course its up to the voters, and in such a divided country the race could be determined and shifted either way in a matter of seconds. Hence, Romney's campaign seems to be on course, energetic, on message, calm, confident and determined, while Obama's campaign is desperate, cocky, tired and divisive.

After all, the 2 billion dollars spend in this race is roughly about 5 percent of the electorate. While Obama - as he has acted during his first term - was lost on message, aggresive and divisive as ever, Romney was presidential, articulate, appealing and presented himself as the safe change candidate that will be a govern and lead America at large, not just serve his party and base.

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