Friday, November 9, 2012

Israelis Confused on Obama's Reelection and the Impact on Israeli Politics

Israel – A Channel 10 survey conducted following President Obama’s win indicates that most Israelis are disappointed (37%) or indifferent (37%) to the reelection of Obama as President of the United States, while only 25% expressed satisfaction. 


On the question whether Obama's reelection will have any impact on Prime Minister Netanyahu's reelection bid and his influence on Israeli politics, Israelis are confused or rather embattled. While the Channel 10 survey conducted by Chamil Fuchs shows only 22% think it weakens Netanyahu in their eyes, while 68% say it wont change their attitude towards Netanyahu, a Maagar mohot poll aired on Channel 2 last night indicates that 56% of Israelis believe that the election of Obama weakens the power of Netanyahu as prime minister.

Go figure!

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