Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Romney Got 'some luv' out of Orthodox Jewish Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

(My featured piece on Romney and the Orthodox Jewish vote, as published in the Jewish Voice) --
Despite garnering 30 percent of the Jewish vote in the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney lost Florida – the supposedly Jewish Turnaround – by over 100 thousand votes. Hence, it looks like Romney could feel some comfort from the numbers coming out from Brooklyn.

Mr. Romney enjoyed one of his strongest showings of support in the entire country, from a range of neighborhoods in the Blue New York City with large populations of Orthodox Jews, regardless of income level, according to a precinct-by-precinct examination by the New York Times.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

@diplomacy - Behind Israel’s Defense Forces Social Media Offensive

(My Piece on the Social media angle of 'Pillar of Defense', as published in the Jewish Voice) -- “We are operating on four fronts: the military front, the home front, the diplomatic front and the public diplomacy front,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told volunteers - who are working to assist in the national public diplomacy effort – in a google+ hangout video conference on Monday. 

“What you are doing greatly strengthens us on the public diplomacy front. We must fight for the truth, for the facts, and your help is worth more than gold. The fact that you are focusing on refuting the industry of lies and that you are reaching so many sectors is a significant addition for the State of Israel,” the Prime Minister added, according to a press release. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Defeated Republican State Senator Storobin: “I’ll be Back in the NearFuture”

Outgoing State Senator Storobin is stillprepared to re-enter public service and fight for his core political beliefs. Photo Credit: Dave Sanders for The New YorkTimes.

(My interview with David Storobin as published in this week's Jewish Voice). It has been a tough year for New York State SenatorDavid Storobin. After a fierce battle following a two-month recount, theRussian-Jewish political newcomer made history, being declared the victor in arace nobody had given him a chance of winning, by beating his challenger with amere 13 votes. Ultimately only able to attend sessions in Albany on 11 days, Storobinquickly decided to run for reelection in Brooklyn’s newly drawn ‘Super Jewish’district. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NYC – Republican Wannabees Fight Over Chance to Lose the 2013 Mayoral Election


Who would of thunk that Mayor Bloomberg – who is leaving office next year after three terms – would be the last Republican to stand in NYC. It’s getting crowded in the Republican Party, with numerous Democrats switching party lines in order to run in the Republican primaries for the upcoming Mayoral and citywide elections. Republican mogul John Catsimatidis, is one of many who are feeling the heated room. Catsimatidis told The Insider he will start a campaign account to explore a run for New York City mayor “in the next week or two.

Simcha Joins the Senate Republicans; Storobin Congratulates

Senator-Elect Simcha Felder decided tonight that joining the senate Republicans in an effort to retain their majority is what is best for his district and the Jewish community in Brooklyn.

After meeting with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Felder has decided to turn his back on his fellow Democrats and caucus with the Republicans next year., Capital Tonight first reported. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Romney Lost and Obama won? It's Mom, Stupid!

I must admit: I was very cautious about predicting the outcome of the presidential election, for the very reason Nate Silver has been crowned the KING of predictions and poll analysis. In a divided electorate, with so much news, polls, data and opinion to digest, it’s just impossible to assess the mood of the voters in real time, and project the outcome based on feelings and raw facts. 

The Republican Party bears as much blame as the Romney campaign is now getting. Evangelicals and die hard conservatives didn't really back Romney or bother to go out to vote; Romney's surrogates worried more about their public reputation and initial perception ahead of 2016; Tim Pawlenty jumped ship when he received the news between the 7th and the 8th dream that he was not chosen as veep; And Chris Christie, well, he is just full of 'me, I and myself'. That's  the reason he spoke so much about himself at the RNC keynote speech, and why he feel over Obama for embracing him towards the final push of the race.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Israelis Confused on Obama's Reelection and the Impact on Israeli Politics

Israel – A Channel 10 survey conducted following President Obama’s win indicates that most Israelis are disappointed (37%) or indifferent (37%) to the reelection of Obama as President of the United States, while only 25% expressed satisfaction. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From the Situation Room: The Man Behind Simcha Felder's Victory

'OB' [O'Brien Murray] never gives up until the last vote is count. This is what drives the Republican campaign manager - who deserved the manager of the year award for his instrumental role in electing Congressman Bob Turner in the September 13th special election in NY9 last year - OB (his official nickname) so cautious about the outcome of the campaign he is charged of. 

While Simcha Felder is the ultimate winner of the 17th State Senate race last night, Murray definitely was the driving force behind the campaign. While I worked with OB on the Bob Turner congressional and senate primary campaign, I got to know the man in the situation room and (and learn) his tactics, his managing skills and most of all his controlling mode. OB takes nothing and nobody for granted, thus does not rest until his candidate is announced the winner. 



Barack Obama:
With a record like this, a stagnated economy, and running for reelection by a message-less negative campaign , Barack Obama has more mazel than anything else. The race was a dead heat since May of 2012 until the very end - election day, he performed bad in the first debate and remained vaguely competent in the remaining debates, but some water and wind made him look presidential in the final analysis, and the minority ethnic voting blocs gave him the upper hand in all of the competitive battle ground states which ultimately handed him a early and solid victory, good enough to claim a mandate for another four years of partisan bickering and weak leadership globally. 

Joe Biden: 
Long live our beloved vice president. He got another four years of eating lunch with the President and granting us his daily portion of gaffes and off the cuff comments.

David Axelrod:
The Stache survived!

Nate Silver:
His predictions of the presidential outcome was on the point. PPP polling firm was also more accurate than ever, overtaking Rasmussen's accuracy.

Simcha Felder:
Simcha Felder got the support he needed to represent the newly drawn Super Jewish district. Despite being pushed by some self serving community leaders and operatives, Simcha managed to lead the narrative of his campaign, buried the discussion  about his record in city council and took the courage to face the voters in the district and court their vote. Time will tell if the overwhelming support Felder got was due to the fact of a weakened opponent and the backing of the entire establishment, or a renewed mandate giving him a third chance to deliver to the community, and address the individual needs in Albany.

David Greenfield:
Councilman Greenfield is the most powerful local politician in the Jewish community in Brooklyn. His enthusiastic support for Felder and his smart approach places him in the league of one of the most respected, effective and independent voices of our community. 

Community First:
'Community First' founded and headed by Rabbi Nachman Caller and directed by Moshe Friedman get the credit for opening the conversation about our community's needs and educating the individual to learn the issues that matter most to all of us, examine the candidates record and holding our elected officials accountable. Agudath Israel's lobbyists and the drawer of the super Jewish district Shea Ostreicher now know there's a new kid in town. The Republican Senate leadership or by reverse the new Democratic majority leadership and local public officials know that Rabbi Caller and his new organization are a powerful voice representing the individual in the community, and are not to be ignored or neglected.

For making us laugh, chuckle and scratch our heads during this election cycle. Their informative and balanced reports of the local races in town gave us the information needed about our candidates, what the Jewish media tried to hide, these local blogs provided us a accurate look at the candidates and reports that allowed voters to be informed.

BuzzFeed: Ben Smith, Miller, Kazyncki, Gray and the political staff made the election season exciting, and held the candidates accountable over their record, achievements, statements and spins. Dogri i would describe them. Just imagine how the 2016 Democratic and Republican primaries are going to look like...


Dick Morris:
Don't dare predict us any outcome, Dick. His inaccurate analysis of the debates and predictions of the presidential outcome were so way off the cliff.

Mitt Romney:
While being the best Republican choice, he failed to connect emotionally with minority groups and confused voters, and fell hostage to the extreme right-wing loud voices. His immigration stance during the Republican debates and the need of firing up the base, gave "Bombshell" Trump and social conservatives the spotlight, at least until the Denver debate. Romney lost his only chance to become President. The journey was long, expensive and brutal, and he ends up liked by default and back to the sidelines, unless President Obama hires him for a cabinet position or head of a council, which I highly recommend.

David Storobin and the Brooklyn Republicans:
Southern Brooklyn ain't so red anymore. With Turner and Storobin's departure, and local candidates relying on down the ballot victories or at least coming close, proves the interesting dynamics of politics in Brooklyn. Special elections and general elections don't bind together, they don't guarantee the same turnout and outcome. Storobin got no support from the Republicans statewide and locally, and no support within the Jewish community to even make the race close enough to send a message. David Storobin is still young and motivated, but his six month political career is over as of now.

Dov Hikind:
So Hikind's prediction weeks ago that Romney is winning with a landslide fell flat big time, so was the money of the ticket to Florida thrown in the garbage with no cash left in his pocket. Dov Hikind abandoned his voters in the community, even after Sandy hit the neighborhood, for a week long stump in Florida for Romney, and most probably lost his promised job in the Romney administration.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Prediction: I Believe in AmeRomney!

Its Official. Mitt Romney is poised to win the presidential election on Tuesday night with a comfortable lead that will send a message of change across the world. 

While i have been sort of cautious to offer my predictions, due to the futility of the race during the past few months, its incumbent on me to asses the outcome of the race based on my analysis and assertion of the final stretch. I can now confidently predict that Mitt Romney will win the popular vote 50-48, and win at least 276 electoral votes, not taking in count any last minute surprise - such as an upset in PA and MI.