Monday, September 10, 2012

When Barack Wanted to Bring Bibi Down...

With all the talk about whom Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu is eager to see in the White House over the nxt four years, it's important to look back and see who wanted to bring whom down. It was our dear President. Yes, the first Jewish President, as he is called by his liberal friends, wanted to bring down PM Netanyahu. It just didn't work out so well, as pundits admitted later that Bibi managed to triumph over Obama.

Below are some excerpts from Ben Caspit, a commentator in the Israeli newspaper Maariv, in this weekend edition.
"On his first visit to Washington [in May 2009] after assuming office as Israeli prime minister in April 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu was apprehensive and on edge. The media reported that an icy welcome was awaiting him in Washington. The banner headlines in the press were screaming: "Yitzhar [Israeli settlement in the West Bank known for its extremist "price tag" policy] or Bushehr [Iranian nuclear power plant]" [alluding to US President Barack Obama's alleged linkage between progress on the Palestinian track and American action on the Iranian nuclear threat]. US President Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel, then-White House Chief of Staff to President Obama, were looking forward to seeing Netanyahu more or less the way a Jewish circumciser is waiting to perform the covenant of circumcision ceremony on a week-old newborn."

"It was evident to all and sundry that the Americans were about to make it really painful for Netanyahu and that they intended to tame and him and bring him down to earth — swiftly, forcefully and non-elegantly [in reference to the well-known pledge made on the eve of the 1967 Six Day War by then-IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Haim Bar-Lev to knock out the enemy "swiftly, forcefully and elegantly"]. The absence of Mrs. Netanyahu, who that time around did not accompany the Prime Minister on his visit, made it possible for him to act somewhat more freely and invite to his airplane cabin the representatives of the [Israeli] press who came along to cover the visit, including even the above signed(!). "What is it that they are after, what do they want from me?" Netanyahu kept asking whoever he happened to encounter that day. "They want to bring me down," he went on whining, while his alarmed aides were trying to dig up every possible bit of information about the catastrophe that awaited the premier and his entourage in the American capital."

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