Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Manipulated Video, "Peace IS Possible," Romney Said.

The Secret video that has emerged, causing some to really believe into the narrative the media is trying to shape, that Mitt Romney killed his chances of winning the election in November, looks like it was alternated and edited on purpose. 

Romney's remarks about the Mideast conflict at the May fundraiser in Boca Raton, Fla., may have put him at odds with traditional US policy, and of course stirred some outrage among those few optimists and peace lovers.

"At controversial fundraiser, Romney says Middle East peace isn't possible," CBS News's Political Hotsheet reported in its online headline. "Romney: ‘No Way’ There Will Be Israeli-Palestinian Peace," read ABC News's headline. "Romney Told Donors ‘No Way’ on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Accord," Bloomberg reported.

In fact, Romney does think a certain peace is possible, Dylan Byars reports. In the initial clip provided by Mother Jones, Romney says that Palestinians did not want to see peace and were committed to the elimination of Israel, that the only course of action was to "kick the ball down the field," and that he would not work for a two-state solution. He then mentioned "a former secretary of sate" who told him that there was "a prospect for a settlement between the Palestinians and the Israelis after the Palestinian elections."

"I said, 'Really?' And, you know, his answer was, 'Yes, I think there's some prospect.' And I didn't delve into it," Romney said. The video ends there.

But in the complete video, Romney then says: 
"But I always keep open: the idea of pushing on the Israelis to give something up to get the Palestinians to act is the worst idea in the world. We have done that time and time and time again. It does not work. So the only answer is show them strength. American strength, American resolve, and the Palestinians will some day reach the point where they want peace more than we’re trying to force peace on them. Then it’s worth having the discussion. So until then, it’s just wistful thinking."
So, apparently Romney is on the same side of the Israeli gov't in its method of no pre-condition concessions before talks kick off and a final settlement is reached, and that security measures need to be taken in count before deciding on the final borders of a future Palestinian state. 

it's the challenges that Romney realistically sees that is the name of the game, as seen in his remarks:
"Some might say well just let the Palestinians have the West Bank and have security and set up a separate nation for the Palestinians. And then come a couple of thorny questions. And I don't have a map here to look at the geography. But the border between Israel and the West Bank is obviously right there, right next to Tel Aviv, which is the financial capital, the industrial capital of Israel. The center of Israel. It's, uh—what? The border would be nine miles from Tel Aviv.

"The challenge is the other side of the West Bank…the other side of the West Bank, the other side of what would be this new Palestinian state would either be Syria at one point or Jordan. And, of course, the Iranians would want to do through the West Bank exactly what they did through Lebanon and what they did in Gaza. Which is the Iranians would want to bring missiles and armament into the West Bank and potentially threaten Israel. So Israel, of course, would have to say that can't happen. We've got to keep the Iranians from bringing weaponry into the West Bank. Well, that means that—who?—the Israelis are going to control the border between Jordan, Syria, and this new Palestinian nation? Well, the Palestinians would say, "Ah, no way! We're an independent country. You can't guard our border with other Arab nations." And then how about the airport? How about flying into this Palestinian nation? Are we going to allow military aircraft to come in? And weaponry to come in? And if not, who's going to keep it from coming in? Well, the Israelis. Well, the Palestinians are going to say, "We're not an independent nation if Israel is able to come in and tell us what can land at our airport." These are problems, and they're very hard to solve, alright?

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