Friday, September 7, 2012

Anything New, Mr. President?

I must admit, I'm a great admirer of well delivered speeches, regardless of the name, gender or content. I anticipated a well delivered, speech by the President, not only to fire up the Democratic base, but also get an opportunity to resemble the pieces that fell off, and reshape the narrative of the campaign. 

I wouldn't reconsider my support of Romney, regardless of Obama's acceptance speech. Nonetheless, I also didn't find any reason to worry or be concerned. Since May , millions of dollars have been thrown in to kill Romney's character and portray him as one that is out of touch of the ordinary American. Yet, the race has remained a statistical tie ever since. No bounce, bump or lead for neither of the candidates, as it still remains a wide open race, that will boil down to some battleground states.

Obama's speech included nothing but defensive rhetoric of his actions as President, and of course jumping back to reinstate the responsibility on the Republicans, and plead for more time. "It didn't take what i promised, but it's worth waiting," the President seemed to suggest. 

If you're unemployed, underemployed or simply have given up looking for a new job, would you buy the President's plea? if you're a struggling small business owner, would you give it more time to get more of the same?

The president missed an opportunity, and we gained a four year Mitt Romney Presidency.

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