Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney - My Leader; Ryan - My Man.

Paul Ryan was in my head since McCain lost to Barack Obama in 2008. Friends i spoke to, those whom i tried to comfort, told me start looking at Paul Ryan. Who is that? I asked. Just goggle his name, I was advised to do, and so i did.

Today, after following the presidential race over the past year, I can enthusiastically and confidently claim: While Mitt Romney was always the kind of leader I want and America needs at this very moment, due to the state of the Economy. Paul Ryan, is 'My Man'. 

If Budget cuts, reducing spending and the size of government, supporting Israel is called  - "Radical", according to sources within the Obama campaign, then I am a Proud Radical!

Over the next few days i will update my view on the Romney/Ryan team with regard to domestic and national security issues.

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