Thursday, August 30, 2012


At some point of this convention, i somehow seemed to get tired and unenthusiastic about the November elections. The featured speaker offered way too low hard hitting specifics on Obama and too little positive talking points about Romney speeches. Until the trio - Condi, Martinez and Ryan showed up.

If I would have to sum up these 3 prime time speeches in three words, it would be: They got it. These experienced, policy oriented individuals, each with a compelling story behind them, took the room down. But they also offered something new, something refreshing, something that America could relate too. it had all of the right screws and the right pitch to take it to the American people in the most unique but effective deliverance: Dugri- Straightforwardness.

Now its all up to Romney to sum it all up, by offering a detailed and specified policy direction that will convince the American people to trust the promise, once broken by President Obama, that this time its about Turnaround.

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