Monday, July 30, 2012

Analysis: Romney spoke American in Israel

Mitt Romney's Israel visit will not only be remembered by the outstanding reception, and the personal embrace by non other than Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. It will in particular be the foundation of a fresh start, based on the tone and content of his foreign policy speech in Jerusalem.

While Romney was fortunate enough to publicly to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, its important to state, that this recognition is the rule of law, since it passed the approval of the US congress in 1995. Romney's harsh stance against Iran is especially important, due to the grave consequences of a possible nuclear Iran, and the threat it poses on the entire world.

The personal and intimate relationship with Netanyahu would definitely play a major role in strengthening the US-Israel relationship, if Romney wins the Presidency. Nonetheless, it is upon the two leaders - no matter what their personal ideology or personal character is - to agree on an open, frank, direct and discreet dialogue, that will benefit the interests of both countries.

The tone of the speech, was one that offered a reflection of the American public, strongly supportive of the US-Israel alliance and the existence of Israel as Jewish State.

Based on the speech and public statements during the visit, one cannot argue that Romney came across as a Hawk or as a Noe-conservative, but as a responsible leader that fully understands the value of this alliance, that is committed to the security of Israel and that  is willing to take a stand on the challenges we both face as a free and prosperous nation.

This is the American language. This is an expression of a strong and enduring friendship.

In my eyes, Romney can use the speech in Jeruslaem to appeal to Democrats as Republican alike, who are passionate about a strong US-Israel relationship. Those who have actually examined President Obama's record over the past 3 1/2 years, and have seen President Obama taking an unprecedented approach, which resulted in throwing Israel under the bus, a unstable middle east, and the burial of the peace process.

There is a growing concern among Jewish Americans over the future of the diplomatic relationship with Israel. Therefore without doubt, Mitt Romney can definitely use the Israel trip to defy the skeptics and build upon a strong showing among Jewish voters, enough to win the general election, come November.

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