Thursday, July 12, 2012

Game On... Now It's Your Turn, Folks!

Its Official: Senator David Storobin is now officially the Republican-Conservative candidate for the 'super-Jewish' district, in one of the most important elections in our lifetime. 

The Storobin campaign handed in the petitions to the BOE this morning, with 2,274 signatures. This was clearly a result of a hard earned grassroots effort, a united 'Jewish' force - to bring about change and restore dignity in Albany. 

Since this is the first time the Republicans are nominating a viable candidate, in a district that can make a difference not only for the Republican party but the entire community, the election is clearly a choice between two different approaches - one that benefits the power brokers, and career politicians, and the other that puts the community's needs first, and that offers solution to the issues that are vital to our daily lifestyle.

If you may recall, i was a lone voice (well.. Yossi Gestetner too..) in calling for an election that would offer a choice for voters, and that the Jewish community should have the opportunity to actually decide who will best represent them in Albany. As Reports were emerging that some community leader are rushing to wrap this up and run an open election, forcing concerned citizen and loyal voters to swallow their spit and accept the imposition of  a failed politician that would care first and foremost about his career and job, all in the name of unity.

Well, now you have a choice. The Republicans and prominent Jewish leaders have presented to you a candidate in the name of David Storobin. They have granted you the opportunity to cast your ballot and simply make a difference in your life and the long term interest of the community. Locking arms together by electing a fiscal conservative, a Senator that in 15 days  has passed more legislation on issues that matter to the community, than councilman Felder in his entire 10 years in the city council.

It  is up to you - voters, to take a sharp look and examine the record and positions of the two candidates. 

This election will be about the issues that matter to all of us. Our Jobs, our education, and our future are at stake. The choice is clear - will you choose to reward a politician that public service is his career, that decides what's best for the community, based on the consultation of his inner circle - politicians and power brokers. Or will you choose to reward yourself, care about the needs of the entire community, by electing a community backed candidate that has lived the American dream, and that will help you, your family and friends achieve it too.

Let's do it!

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