Sunday, July 22, 2012

Analytics: How Popular is Simcha Felder?

Brooklyn, N.Y. -- In 2004, two years after he left the City Council, Noach Dear narrowly lost for the 2nd time to Senator Kevin Parker by a mere 488 vote margin. In the 3-way Democratic primary for the 21st Senate District, incumbent Kevin Parker got 44.9 percent, Noach Dear 41.7 percent and Wellington Sharp  13.2 percent.

 Four Years later in 2008, Senator Kevin Parker prevailed another hot contested  3-way primary against two term-limited NYS Councilmembers, Simcha Felder and Kendall Stewart.Felder, as an Orthodox Jew representing the council seat for 8 years, also had the backing of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and enjoyed a sizable advantage in political donations.According to the final count, Parker beat Felder by a 3,320 vote margin, getting 51.7 percent of the vote to Felder's disappointing 34.5 percent. The third candidate, Stewart came in respectfully with 13.7 percent.

Councilman Felder, back then, also filed the most signatures – a total of 5,167, well in excess of the 1,000 needed to snag a place on the ballot, predicted a 'rocky 2 way race' between him and Senator Parker, with a well earned margin, far better than in the 3-way primary in 2004, in which Parker only won by a few hundred votes.

“You have an Orthodox Jewish candidate,” Felder told The Brooklyn Daily. “Kevin Parker is the incumbent and you have Kendall Stewart, who I think is a stronger candidate than Sharpe, despite some problems in his office, because he’s been around. He’s got some semblance of incumbency in parts of the district like I have. The difference is I’ve proved through six and a half years in the council that I’m determined to serve and work with every part of my district. I don’t carry the baggage of ill feeling that I think was a problem for Noach.”
In addition, said Felder, he expects to benefit from the support of Mayor Michael Bloomberg who, he pointed out, carried every assembly district within the 21st council district in the last election.

The race is “also about change," Felder asserted. "This is the guy’s third term. Are people saying, we haven’t gotten the resources we deserve? Are people so fed up that frustration and anger have overpowered the anxiety that comes with change?".
The Distinction between these 2 primaries are well noticeable. Noach Dear with all of his baggage, two years out of public office, lost so narrowly to the incumbent Senator. While Simcha Felder, as an incumbent Councilmember, a popular and well liked candidate, lost so bad in what was supposed and predicted to be a competitive race.

The question now remains wide open. Under what assumption did the Senate Republicans, community leaders act to place Simcha Felder as an unopposed candidate, in the super Jewish district, as the only viable, well known representative of this district? What advantage does councilman Felder have over any other candidate, with a 10 year record, never running opposed until he was tapped to serve the city comptroller's office for a higher pay?

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