Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Turning Back - A Disappointing Night for New York

In what I describe as a disappointing result, Congressman Bob Turner lost last night the senatorial primary to another Washington insider, and an unknown figure to the Jewish community, Wendy Long.

The results are disappointing due to the fact that turnout in the city was at an unprecedented low level. Only 4 percent of registered Republicans actually showed up to vote. Which is considerably low, compared to the low 12 percent turnout in the Democratic party's primaries, that were more contested, but wouldn't of made any difference in terms of party affiliation, with an exception to Barron.

Despite the fact that Brooklyn, yes! Brooklyn - the city that shook the political spectrum not too long ago - where Bob Turner is relatively well known and well respected, the 80% margin did not help him overcome the barrage of conservative, right-wing activists that showed up at the polls in Upstate NY. Voters didn't seem top care much about the high stakes in this election, and the importance of seizing the moment of opportunity, in a one and only chance to beat Senator Gillibrand in November.

Bob Turner had all the tools to make this senate race competitive. From a well organized team, to a articulate message and the right appeal to independents and disappointed Democrats. While New York is not in play in the presidential election, New York could of played a major role in sending a clear message to Obama and the Democrats that with a high 9 percent unemployment, high gas prices and slow Job creation, New Yorker are going to stand up and elect a guy that will represent them well from a fiscal standpoint, and serve as a check and balance to the Democrats in the Senate.

Congressman Turner jumped into the race because he is concerned at the direction of this country. Because, after a full life business experience career, he wanted to be there for us, to represent a new kind of honest politics and hard working manners to change Washington. In the spring, he was punished by the local Democrats, that was redeemed by eliminating his congressional district.

All that was required from us as Republicans, was to spare five minutes of our time, which is nothing compared to the wasted time on drinking, smoking and talking on the phone, and do what's necessary for us -  a duty to nominate the best guy, to unseat one of Washington's most liberal senators.
With all due respect to Wendy Long, the Republicans missed their one and only opportunity to make this election competitive and the only chance to send a conservative Republican that will make us all proud, to Washington.

I had the honor and opportunity to work voluntarily with Congressman Turner, the privilege to build a close relationship and enjoy the time spent together with deep discussions on a variety of issues. 

I love Bob, and I will always miss his guidance and humble character, that is so missing in today's politics.

And now... if you're sick and tired of how things are going on in Washington, If you're angry at the state of the economy, at politicians betraying us time and again. Then, stop crying, stop grumbling, take off your bedroom slippers and put on your marching shoes. Because we cannot rely on certain individuals or created events to lead us to better times, if we don't get our acts together and get active, volunteer and fight for the cause that is vital for us as a society and a free people.

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