Sunday, June 10, 2012

Romney's Adviser on Romney's Foreign Policy: Expect a New Sheriff in Town

In a wide ranging interview with Haaretz, Former Ambassador Richard Williamson tells Chemi Shalev, that Mitt Romney will make military threats against Iran credible, when elected President. "When Mitt Romney is president, Iran will understand that there is a new sheriff in town," he says.

Below are some excerpt from the interview with regard to Romney's foreign policy positions vs. President Obama's record.
Obama's record on Iran: 
"We are now three years later, and irrefutably Iran is closer to nuclear breakout: it has more centrifuges, it has more enriched uranium, as we recently discovered, it’s not only 20% but they even have uranium that’s been enriched to 27%."

"They are the biggest sponsors of terrorism in the world, according to Barak Obama’s own state department. And the President of Iran Ahmadinejad not only denies the Holocaust but also has said that Israel doesn’t have a right to exist."

The fact is that Iran has behaved in a way inconsistent with their commitment in the IAEA charter. Iran is verbally and otherwise threatening friends. Iran has killed American in Iraq. Iran is threatening the existence of our most reliable ally and friend in the Middle East in the State of Israel, and the U.S. administration, for three and a half years, has been accommodationist, naively sought engagement, and it has been feckless.
And when Israel has talked about the range of options they may have to consider to protect their own interest, the Obama administration have done their best to crowd Israel, to make it difficult if not impossible for Israel to do what it must.

It’s interesting that the tougher sanctions that he (Obama) is now so proud of our sanctions that he opposed when Senators [Robert] Menendez and Senator [Mark] Kirk introduced them to the U.S. Congress, and they are only being imposed because Congress forced him to. 

The conclusion is inevitable: Iran knows there is no credible military threat from Barack Obama. As Bismarck said: diplomacy without a credible use of force is like music without instruments. And that’s been the U.S. approach. Even when he finally felt that politically, domestically, he had to be stronger, at the AIPAC conference in April, when he talked about the use of force and “I have Israel’s back” – within two days he was attacking Republicans for saying we should be ready to use force.
Romney's position on Ian:
"The only nuclear resolution is a total suspension of enrichment."

"The governor would work to getting a negotiated settlement, but he would not be telegraphing the sort of outrageous compromises that this Administration has made clear they would be willing to accept, such as enrichment to 5%, or that they would be willing to help supply fuel for research reactors etc."

"The only thing worse than using force is that Iran has nuclear weapons... in the end you must be willing to use force to get the accommodations that are required so that the safety of the region and the state of Israel are secure."

"He would be coming in not saying “I want to engage, first and foremost”, not that I am going to keep my voice quiet while you kill people on the street with batons, we would not be saying that I’m going to be playing “mother may I” with Russia and with China.

"I’m pointing out a wide range of things that president Romney would do to show that there’s a different sheriff in town, one who appreciates U.S. interests, and who’s going to do what is necessary for our interests and is going to be reliable for our allies, including the State of Israel." 
Romney/Israel relationship:
"I’ll guarantee you this: in a Romney Administration, an American vice president won’t keep the elected prime minister of Israel waiting for 45 minutes for dinner, because of a personal pique."

"We have differences with our best friends overseas, but a constructive relationship has to be worked on every day and that does include changing, without announcement, the criteria for a peace settlement to the 1967 borders, and it’s not keeping other elected leaders waiting. That doesn’t mean that if you disagree with him on the settlements you should be open and say that – no it doesn’t, you should say that. But don’t act like a teenager and keep the prime minister waiting because of a personal pique."

"I don’t believe Romney has articulated" a position on Israeli settlements.

"The Governor said that his first trip abroad would be to Israel. That was his decision, , and he’s a man who’s good to his word."
Romney and the Jewish Vote:
"I think it’s fair to say that Governor Romney is going to get elected President because Barack Obama has failed to be effective on the U.S. economy.  I don’t think religious or other demographics are going to influence the result as much as the performance of the president and the failure to get jobs. Having said that there are different sub groups in the United States that have voting patterns and we hope to do a little bit better that normal among all those groups."

"The only figure is in November, and it will be 50.1% of the American vote."

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