Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Republican Storobin: I'm with the People of the Jewish Senate District

Below are some excerpt of State Senator Storobin's exclusive interview with Hamodia, announcing State Senate reelection bid in newly drawn Super Jewish District.

“I am very happy that I won the previous election. I think it was a big victory for the Jewish community. I think it was a big victory for all of those who subscribe to conservative values, and I think that we need to continue. We won with Bob Turner in September; we won on March 20; and I believe we will win again in November.”

Focus on Issues:
“It’s legitimate to discuss issues, and it’s not legitimate to call each other nasty names. Certainly I have no expectation that I will call Simcha Felder or anyone around him nasty names. I have instructed everyone who is working with me to stick with the same. If somebody breaks that rule, they will no longer be working for me.”

The Day after:
“On Nov. 6 there will be an election, On Nov. 7 I would like to go out and have lunch with Simcha Felder and be friends. I think that is the right thing to do, and I hope that that is the attitude that he takes.”

Campaign Narrative: 
“The point is not that he is a bad person, the point is that I will be able to deliver more, and I think that I will be more in line in terms of political ideology."So when it comes to Barack Obama, I never supported Barack Obama. ... When it comes to tax policy, I would never vote to raise our taxes 18.5 percent.”
"My values are the same as that of the people of the district.”

“People realize that it’s good to be the majority. I will be there trying to make a difference and succeeding in making a difference by being in the majority. The same argument that I made last time still stands. I am with the people on fiscal issues, I am with the people on social issues, I am with the people on education issues, on non-profits and other mosdos, and on any other issue — I am with the people of this district.”

Jewish Candidate:  
“That makes me pretty Jewish, the fact that my family had to go through all those stuff and we still kept our Jewishness. “It was much easier for us to just say, ‘look, we’re not Jewish, leave us alone, we’ll be like all of you.’ And we didn’t, we always identified ourselves as Jewish.”

“I’ve paid the price to be a Jew; I deserve to be known as a Jew."

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