Friday, June 8, 2012

Republican Bob Turner will Beat Senator Gillibrand in the Orthodox Jewish Community

Elections are coming up in New York, and guess what? Senator Gillibrand has remembered to visit the Orthodox Jewish community in Borough Park. The Orthodox community has sent shock-waves to the Democratic party and nationwide when it voted for the first Republican since the 1920's - Congressman Bob Turner in the special election to replace Anthony Weiner's seat. And recently Republican , David Storobin won the NY Senate race in a heavily Democratic stronghold.

Now Congressman Bob Turner, is running to represent New York in the US Senate, a win that will not only unseat the most liberal senator in the Senate, but will also send a strong fiscal and national message to Obama and the Democrats, that their time is over. It might also shift the Senate power to the Republicans, making it easier for the Elected Republican President to repeal Obamacare, reverse the Obama regulations and fix the economy. In the worst scenario the Senate and the Congress will serve as a Check balance to a reelected President.

But in order to achieve that goal, Bob Turner is looking to win the Republican primary, set for June 26th, which is a 3 way race between the National Hero - Bob Turner, Conservative Wendy Long and George Maragos from Nassau county.

Speaking with Yosef Rapaport from the Largest Orthodox paper in Brooklyn, Hamodia, Jewish activists expressed hope that Bob Turner would pull off a victory in the primaries in order to take on Senator Gillibrand and pull another stunning upset, this time for a full 6 year term.

At a BPJCC (Boro Park Jewish Community Council) reception in the house of Yidel Perlstein for Senator Gillibrand, Akiva Kizelnic, a Jewish member of CB12, told Hamodia that he's skeptical about Gillibrand's chance to keep the Orthodox community in the fold for the Democrats in November.

"Democrats have been taking the Orthodox community for granted all these years," he told Yosef Rapaport. "And now they are waking up," Kizelnic shrugged.

Moshe Friedman, a local political activist was more reserved. he thinks Gillibrand will get the Orthodox vote in November, "Only if Bob Turner loses the GOP primary," he hedged his prediction.

"If he [Turner] wins, the Orthodox community will vote GOP in the Senate race," Mr. Friedman predicted.

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