Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's Talk Dogri: The Mutual Jewish-Republican Alliance

I will not elaborate on the NY GOP/Yossi Gestetner story, since there is a lot of misinformation being provided out there. I'll leave the explaining to do, for Yossi Gestetner, who by himself is an outspoken and straightforward shooter. 

I would like to touch on a different angle, which I assume is the point the liberal Media (hungry for gossip) and those Liberal Jewish media outlets are trying to bring out; and that is to achieve two goals - 1. to portray the Republican party as out of touch with the mainstream Jewish community, when it comes to the support of Israel; 2. Question the readiness of the Republican party to adopt a pro-Jewish approach and the right outreach tools, to be seen as a comfortable home for all sectors within the Orthodox Jewish community.

The Republican-Jewish alliance is based on two major factors: 1. The Democratic party, once a strongly pro-Israel party, moving far to the left, and basically becoming a party of bigger government, anti-Business and warming up to the growing radical elements within the party; 2. The Republican party, which has over the past decade or 2 moved towards a stronger support of Israel, and one that shares common values on free enterprise, the war on terror and on family values.

Bob Turner's victory in NY-9, was an indication to a growing and an alarming distinction between the Jewish Community and the Democratic party leadership, transmitting a powerful message by assuring a stunning victory for the Republican candidate, despite running against a Orthodox, observant Jew. Mainly, as a message to President Obama on Israel, but also due to the fact that the Republican party's candidates have proven to show greater empathy to Jewish causes and have turned out to be strong and sincere advocates for Israel and their Jewish constituencies.

Recent polls that show a consistent sharp decline and a significant erosion  in the President's support among Jewish voters, especially the latest Siena poll that shows a drop of 22 points among Jewish voters in New York, prove the fact that the once Democratic stronghold voting bloc is fractured. The fact that Mitt Romney is currently polling around 30 percent, which is the highest support for a Republican presidential candidate since Reagan, despite trailing in voter registration to the Democrats - holding an overwhelming 8-1 advantage - comes to prove that the Republican party has managed to make significant inroads within the Jewish community among all fictions within.

The 2012 presidential and generic election will indeed serve as a strong indicator to all those pundits and Democratic power brokers, that the Jewish vote is not loyal anymore to a party that has moved to the left of the center on fiscal responsibilities, and one that shares little in common with the fast-growing Orthodox community on fiscal and social issues.

At large, the presidential election will serve as a referendum on President Obama's record in handling domestic issues, his total failure in dominating on the diplomatic arena and his failed foreign policy philosophy, which has resulted in weakening the special US-Israel relationship, and the rise of radical Islamists regimes in the Middle east region. Not to mention the slow and unachievable national security doctrine in failing to stop the Iranian nuclear threat.

The mutual understanding and strong Jewish-Republican alliance as described, is not dependent on any individual or specific group, but based on shared values and shared interests, that will only grow and strengthen from election cycle to the one following. 

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