Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Jewish Republican for the Super Jewish District

It's been a long time coming, but tonight I can confidently express my joy and hopeful feelings to the fact that a Jewish Republican has chosen to run for a seat that has never been at reach, to represent NYC's orthodox Jewish population in the NYS Senate.

Following his recent stunning victory, elected to State Senate with a 13 vote margin, now it’s official: State Senator David Storobin will run for reelection in a new, heavily Orthodox Jewish State Senate district. The Hamodia‘s widely-read weekend edition will report today, that his primary Republican opposition, attorney Nachman Caller, will drop out of the race and endorse Mr. Storobin, clearing his path to the GOP nomination.

“I am very happy that I won the previous election,” Mr. Storobin told the newspaper. “I think it was a big victory for the Jewish community. I think it was a big victory for all of those who subscribe to conservative values, and I think we need to continue.”

The NYT's report based on findings of a study, which was sponsored by UJA-Federation of New York, found that New York City's Jewish population is growing again, with around 40% of Jews that identify themselves as orthodox. In addition a Siena Research Poll published today, found that President Obama's support among Jewish voters in NY has dropped by 22 percent in on month since last month's poll, which had Obama leading Romney by 30 points (62-32). 

Which explains Bob Turner's shocking upset in NY-9th special election, and Sen. Storobin's win in the 27th Democratic stronghold. "My values are the same as that of the people of this district," Storobin told Hamodia. "I didn't support Barack Obama (A direct shot at Democrat Simcha Felder), I would never vote to raise taxes by 18.5%..  I'm with the people on fiscal issues, on social issue, education issues and on any other issue --I am with the people of the district," Storobin declared.
Storobin will face his Democratic opponent, Simcha Felder, a race expected to be heavily contested and hopefully decided by the people of the district that will examine Felder's record as councilman, his party affiliation and positions on various issues that matter for the community. And with pride and confidence vote for the first time in history for a republican, fiscal conservative Jew to represent them best in the NYS Senate, under the Republican majoirty leadership.

On a personal note:

Despite being told off for standing in the way of Achdus - Unity in the community, I strongly spoke out against the attempt  by some of our community leaders - that have fooled the Republican majority leader twice, once by blocking a proposal of creating two separate Jewish districts, and than by convincing Skelos that Simcha Felder, will best represent the District - to bypass the basic rights of our community as Americans, to have a choice and a voice in this Democratic process.

I might have made some enemies or damaged my reputation, but what i have learned over the past few years - nobody loses from speaking out by a civilized manner, making the best case for the best of our community. An elected Republican representative is not a personal benefit but the benefit of our community, our small businesses and struggling families.

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Akiva freidman said...

Hey jacob
Stop the crap!!!!
As othordox jews we all know that ONLY an real othordox jew will represent our real needs and values in albany, so cut the crap, stop being nice to your republicen freinds (which may be paying you $$$) and start being a real Jew!!