Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gillibrand vs. Patriotic American Kids - The Story of a GilliTracker

Is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand so concerned that she might face a tough reelection bid, challenged by Congressman Bob Turner? well, it seems like the popular Senator of NY is a little more than puzzled by the idea that the 'national hero' Congressman Bob Turner, is the favorite Republican Candidate to challenge her in the fall, to hold her accountable for her liberal record in DC and close alliance with President Obama.

Congressman Bob Turner was yesterday invited to a protest that  had been organized by parents at PS 90 in Coney Island. They were outraged after principal Greta Hawkins banned kindergartners from performing the "God Bless the USA" song at their graduation ceremony. 

The news coverage and backlash has focused on the fact that the Justin Bieber song “Baby” was kept on the program.

 “I thought it would be a great idea,” Turner told Fox news Radio.“The kids were a delight.”

While Congressman Turner and the kids so proudly sang the song waving American flags, a group of adults showed up to protest and heckle. The incident was filmed by Colin Campell from the NY Observer.  

While this looked like a dispute between patriots and those who outcry the fact that Kids are "forced" to sing "God Bless the USA", the Turner campaign suspects this protest might of been orchestrated by senator Gillibrand's campaign. A tracker on  scene, identified by the Turner campaign as a Gillibrand staffer, was filming the entire event, and seemed puzzled and confused when approached. 

The campaign of Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Bob Turner today demanded that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-WFP) definitively acknowledge whether the man depicted above is associated with her campaign. 
The man in question crashed what was supposed to be a pleasant, patriotic event outside PS 90 in Coney Island, Brooklyn where PS 90 school children and parents joined Congressman Turner in singing "God Bless the USA," which the children had hoped to sing at a school graduation ceremony before the school principal curiously prohibited it. But once the children began singing, a seemingly orchestrated effort to disrupt the children took place -- with the suspected Gillibrand "tracker" there to catch it all on film. The Turner campaign believes Ms. Gillibrand, or those working in her behalf, orchestrated the disruption.  

The children gamely chanted back at the cat callers: "USA! USA! USA!."

"Senator Gillibrand needs to answer whether this man was there in her behalf as part of an orchestrated effort to shout down the children and congressman," Turner spokeswoman Jessica Proud  said. 'Is this man yours, senator?' That is the question."
“These people were doing some provocative things to get some sort of a news story,” Turner told Fox News Radio. “We can have our political differences, but I thought this was over the top.”

Turner said Gillibrand needs to explain herself. “That would be a good starting point,” he said.

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