Friday, June 1, 2012

Felder 2008 in English - For Obama; Felder 2012 in Hebrew - For McCain

It used to be Yasser Arafat's tactic to say something nice about peace and warm relations with Israel in English, but then call for Jihad and war with Israel, to his people in Arabic. Well, it turns out that politician's are inclined to use the same method, run away from their record and previous statements, in order to get elected. 

The Democratic candidate for the new State Senate 'Super Jewish' District in Brooklyn, Simcha Felder told the Israeli/Orthodox weekend magazine Bakehila in Hebrew, that his public support for Barack Obama in the 2008 democratic primaries over the favorite Hillary Clinton was taken out of context. "I was supportive of Senator John McCain for President," he told the magazine. 

"The Presumed assumption was, that Hillary Clinton would of been the toughest candidate McCain could of faced," he explained his tactic of backing Senator Obama over Senator Clinton. "At the time, nobody foresaw Obama's victory. His candidacy was perceived as an absolute bizarre race. my strategy was, that if the Democrats pick Obama as their presidential nominee, we would ultimately hand over for John McCain the presidency on a golden plate, facing a challenge by a 'non serious' candidate. At the end I noticed that I was a little too over-smart," he admitted. 

This smart analogy in Hebrew, contradicts his public statement in English, back in 2008, as Azi Paybarah reported in the NY Observer: 
 "City Councilman Simcha Felder, an Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn and an Obama supporter, had a slightly different (if equally incredulous) take on Hikind’s comments. “I would say that if Hillary were the nominee, just as many Jews, if not more, would flock to McCain, based on her record and her photographs with Suha Arafat and others,” he said.

Felder, who said he moved to Obama in protest to how the “Clinton campaign handled things in South Carolina,” went on to say that “I think that Jews as well as all Americans are certainly concerned about other issues–such as health care, education, the economy–and are looking for a change, the kind that Obama is offering.”
In an interview with City and State NY, Felder did not deny he voted for Obama in the general election, instead Felder told Chriss Bragg,  he now regrets the decision, and would not repeat it.
“He’s been a terrible president,” Felder said of Obama. “Unfortunately, I was wrong, and I will certainly not be voting for the president in the upcoming election.”
Nonetheless, the move to justify his 2008 support for Obama in such a complex explanation, is seen more as a way to brush off his perception as a Democratic party guy, since President Obama and the Democratic party are deeply unpopular in Brooklyn’s Orthodox community.


Akiva freidman said...

Why would a fellew Yid to this to a Yid, puuting out dirty laundry to the world??

It's the worst thing that can happen to us jews when we turn one against another!!!!

STOP IT!!!!!!!

THE jacob Kornbluh said...

It's not about dirty laundry, but honest reporting. It's the Politicians that must stop deceiving the public.