Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brooklyn Makes Headlines Again: It's the Jewish Vote vote, stupid!

'The Power of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish vote' - is the headline, in one of the largest forum's in Israel, Bechadrei Charedim. Describing the latest development in Brooklyn, in which the Republican party has taken a strong lead among Orthodox voters, and have managed to reach out and invest in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community as well as Modern-Orthodox and secular Jewish voters, a once Democratic stronghold voting bloc.

As Chris Bragg reported yesterday Ringel has been hired as newly minted Republican Sen. David Storobin’s community liaison. The hiring decision was confirmed by Republican operative Michael Fragin, who himself just joined Storobin’s re-election campaign as a top adviser.

The State Republicans topped Monsey’s own voice of the ultra-Orthodox community as director of Jewish outreach for the New York State Republican Party. Yossi Gestetner, who writes the blog Gestetner Updates and tweets, often speaks to the media about issue in the Hasidic Jewish community in Rockland and New York City.

Below is a quick translation of the Bechadrei Charedim post, originally in Hebrew: 
"Two young Hasidic operatives were appointed this week to key positions in the offices of Republican senior politicians. Which in both cases, hold a special and close relationship with the community's dynastic leaders, and key influence within the Jewish media in the United States.

The first appointment was made by the newly elected Republican Sen. David Storobin, who appointed Pinny Ringel as his community affairs director. Ringel served as spokesman and adviser to City Councilman Simcha Felder in New York, and during this time he acquired a close friendship with courtyards of dynastic leaders and heads of the educational institutions in Boro Park.

However, Ringel's choice surprised many, since Storobin is running for the Senate seat against Simcha Felder, whom Ringel served faithfully for 8 years. Ringel himself once considered running for the seat vacated by Felder, but dropped out in support of Councilman David Greenfield.

The second appointment is the appointment of a publicist and journalist Yossi Gestetner, to serve as the State GOP Director of Jewish Outreach. A role that will coordinate between New York's Jewish community and the Republican party. Gestetner, 27, lives in Monsey, and studied in his youth in Viznitz Monsey Yeshiva.

"It is time to properly understand the haredi public. The time has come to "replace the disket' (change course), because the Democrats have not provided a clear answer to the burning issues of the Orthodox community," Gestetner said.

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