Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bob Turner Impresses Voters in NY Senatorial Debate

 This is Michael Vass, reporter for the Examiner' take-away from the YNN/NY1 New York Republican Senatorial debate, this past Sunday:
"Our overall conclusion, based on taking a position solely on the performance in the debate like many voters do, would be that Rep. Bob Turner was the most impressive of the candidates. His presentation was generally direct, answering most of the questions with a completeness and avoiding any vaguaries in the answer. He seemed the most decisive and self-assured."

"Attorney Wendy Long was a close rival to Rep. Turner. While not as polished, there was no question as to her passion on issues like the economy, taxes, and healthcare. At the same time, certain answers indicated that Long as Senator would not help to alleviate the partisan gridlock that has made the current Congress a vast wasteland of ineffective finger-pointers."

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