Sunday, June 3, 2012

BBC find The Republican's Home Turf in Brooklyn - Brighton Beach

Kings county has now 5 Republican elected officials, and the BBC's 'from our own Correspondent' reporter, 
"While most of the city is pro-Obama, there is a corner of New York that traditionally votes Republican - the city's holiday destination, Brighton Beach. 
Everyone smokes on Brighton Beach. The waiters, on their break, smoke. Over a bench not far away, an elderly couple in wide-brimmed hats raise a pair of nylon umbrellas against the sun and light up. But why is that slightly scary fellow staring at me? Then I realise it is the "Re-elect Obama" button on my jacket. This is a little bastion of Republicans in an overwhelmingly Democratic city. 

These are people who remember the Soviet Union all too well and resist what they see as big government and anti-business programmes. They may be liberal on social issues, like abortion, but anything that feels like socialism - even if it is not - makes them queasy. 

In Brooklyn, Republicans have found a home by the sea. Romney supporters will no doubt rally here all summer long, though it is hard to imagine those political suits noshing their way through borscht and herring and smoked tongue at Restaurant Tatiana, or partying all night at the Rasputin Nightclub, where the dancers are hot and the clothes Armani. Still, Tatiana herself - recently profiled by the New York Times - is a staunch Republican. She arrived from Odessa at 21 and built her foodie empire - the restaurant on Brighton Beach and another in Miami. "I am what I am because of capitalism," said Ms Varzar in the Times. "And Republicans are more capitalistic." 

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