Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why is Foreign Policy barely a Campaign Issue..

In a smart way of handling a political conversation, Michael Hastings, covering the Obama campaign for Buzzfeed and a journalist for the past ten years, covering politics, war, and national security issues,held a Reddit chat, which I found to be very interesting.

I asked, what I dare to ask everybody i get to interview: How much of an issue will Foreign policy play out in this year's election.. and why is it always considered a minor issue?

I like to say: you can lose a presidential election on foreign policy (LBJ, Vietnam) but you never can really win an election on foreign policy. (HW Bush couldnt' get traction with the Gulf War; McCain couldn't get traction running on the Iraq surge.

Americans in general only focus on foreign policy when Americans are being killed. If that's not happening, or if it's happening in smaller numbers, it's pretty easy to avoid the issue. 

A few months ago, it seemed like "war with Iran" might be an issue in the months ahead, but that rhetoric has died down somewhat.

Lastly: Obama's can make a pretty strong case he's been a solid commander in chief (Bin Laden hit; Libya; etc) So it's not the ideal place for Romney to attack, considering he doesn't have much foreign policy experience.

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