Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spin, spin... let's get real! Defeat Obama for his record, not for his positions.

Once again, President Obama led from behind. This time it was his Vice President, his first major decision he made before he got elected.. And boy, does this guy not stop making gaffes, speak his mind out of the blue and create some serious trouble for the President. Biden, forced the President to do what he basically knows best, as he did on global events during his term in office - react. 

Not that Obama took some dramatic turn, or as reported, evolved on the issue of same sex marriage.As Buzzfeed reports, Obama had the same position in 1996, before he opposed it in 2008. my observation was that Obama will do anything possible, and its legit, to energize the base and bring them liberals out to vote, by diverting the conversation and taking a lead on some issue that matter to them as an ideology but not as a mainstream, citizen caring theme.

Since Mitt Romney successfully defeated his primary rivals, largely by running a disciplined campaign that was around a dominating issue - the state of the economy. many Republicans that are so eager to see Obama defeated in November, backed Romney for the same reason the hardcore conservatives ran to seek shelter behind various self tempered candidates. Romney's strength against Obama lays on his ability to draw a sharp contrast with the President's experience and Job record on the economy and operating the federal government. It starts by the economy and it ends by the economy.

Obama ain't a dumbass, he's at least as clever as me. The polls Obama and his campaign observed over the past month, had the President's support among key elements and voting blocs that contributed to his 2008 victory, eroding. The only way out, was to avoid defending his record, but rather go on offense, portray his opponent as out of touch and energize his base by giving them the red meat needed.

AS Brilliant as they might be, Messina and Axelrod fell into every trap Romney set towards them. And the only spin that seems to work or at least pick up traction is the same sex marriage issue, just as social issues handed Bush a second term. 

Romney and us Republicans must not fall into that trap.He tried it once with  the Osama Bin Laden call and it didn't help, why hand Obama over solidified base, that in my eyes is more fractured than the GOP base. The best example is Judd's 42% of the WV primary and the 200K votes against the President in NC.

WE must continue to examine and hammer Obama's record, not positions or fresh baked promises. Obama is the incumbent that must pay the price for not leading this country in the right direction. And only if we draw that sharp contrast on fiscal issues, appeal to the broader base that is hurting, we will be able to carry that message on the November, and replace the Obama administration for good.

We should not win the argument or debate Obama's positions. we should replace him and defeat him in the polls.

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