Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama Blames Middle Name for Failed Israel Policy

President Obama found the golden reason to explain his erosion in support, as recent polls show him losing support in the Jewish community, It's that simple. Those who dare to speak out and publicly criticize his policies on Israel are blatantly disguised with his Middle Name. 

"I'm vilified by the Republicans, because of my Muslim name," he told a group of Conservative Movement leaders, during a meeting on Tuesday in the WH , Yitchak BenHorin Reports. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

History made in Brooklyn! Fifth Elected Republican in Democratic Kings County

Brooklyn, N.Y. -- Two Months late, following a delayed recanvass, court challenge and a hand recount, Republican candidate, David Storobin won the highly contested, NY State Senate seat by a margin of 16 votes. Storobin will represent the heavy Jewish Orthodox district until Jan 2013.

In conceding defeat, Democratic candidate, Councilman Lew Fidler offering congratulations to his rival David Storobin.  And pledged  "to work with him for the benefit of our community whenever and wherever we can find common ground."
Fidler didn't take defeat lightly hearted. "Of course, I am disappointed in the overall result and the many messages it may be sending about politics in our community and our borough," he wrote in his public statement.  "I am also very troubled by a clear fallacy of the Election Law which enabled Mr. Storobin’s campaign to violate the law without repercussion.  The court made clear that the Storobin campaign engaged in activity that was in violation of the law.  New York State law simply does not permit early mail-in voting unless voters are legally qualified to vote early."

Why is Foreign Policy barely a Campaign Issue..

In a smart way of handling a political conversation, Michael Hastings, covering the Obama campaign for Buzzfeed and a journalist for the past ten years, covering politics, war, and national security issues,held a Reddit chat, which I found to be very interesting.

I asked, what I dare to ask everybody i get to interview: How much of an issue will Foreign policy play out in this year's election.. and why is it always considered a minor issue?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

TIME profiles Benjamin Netanyahu as: KING BIBI... Not BFF with Prince Mitt

TIME’s cover story this week, written by TIME managing editor Richard Stengel, profiles Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as the King of Israel.

From TIME’s managing editor Rick Stengel:
"Netanyahu is poised to become the longest-serving Israeli Prime Minister since David Ben-Gurion, the founding father of Israel. He has no national rival. His approval rating, roughly 50%, is at an all-time high. At a moment when incumbents around the world are being shunted aside, he is triumphant."

Blog Post on Bush vs. Obama economy

Read my Blog post on Brooklyn GOP Radio Blog

Dubya is back..Thanks to Obama. 

It wasn't so long ago that Americans decried the Bush era and voted in the clean-up guy, and optimistically hoping for a leader that would mend our relations with the Arab world and our allies in Europe. 

How did that work out for you, folks? 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thinkin' loud... Is American Foreign Policy Moving Farther Away From Israel?

President Bush gave a speech on Monday, in which sort of put him at odds with PM Benjamin Netanyahu's current positions and view on the Arab-spring and Mideast revolt. 

While Israel favors stability over instability and raised concern over America's rush to call for Mubarak's departure overseeing the rise of radical Islamists and the uncertainty in the region, Bush voiced his opinion of spreading freedom as in line with the current Obama administration. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama ONLY Used Drugs in High School and Bullied a Girl in Middle School

Friends of Obama in High school, and Obama himself admitted in his memoir that as Kid he did stuff that should not be acceptable in our society, or suggesting that he should not serve as a role model for the younger generation.

Spin, spin... let's get real! Defeat Obama for his record, not for his positions.

Once again, President Obama led from behind. This time it was his Vice President, his first major decision he made before he got elected.. And boy, does this guy not stop making gaffes, speak his mind out of the blue and create some serious trouble for the President. Biden, forced the President to do what he basically knows best, as he did on global events during his term in office - react. 

Not that Obama took some dramatic turn, or as reported, evolved on the issue of same sex marriage.As Buzzfeed reports, Obama had the same position in 1996, before he opposed it in 2008. my observation was that Obama will do anything possible, and its legit, to energize the base and bring them liberals out to vote, by diverting the conversation and taking a lead on some issue that matter to them as an ideology but not as a mainstream, citizen caring theme.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RJC: Major Erosion in Jewish Support for Obama Could Impact The Presidential Race

Last week I wrote my analysis on the AJC Jewish voters poll. Im my published piece in this week's Jewish Voice, Matt Brooks, Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, offered some of his insights with regard to Romney's ability to court Jewish votes in the general: 
"Speaking to the Jewish Voice, Matt Brooks, Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition said the while it’s too early to predict the outcome, “The poll data underscores President Obama’s significant problem with American Jewish voters, and a major erosion in support.” 

While expressing confidence in Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s ability to make significant inroads among Jewish voters, Brooks pointed out that in 2000, George W. Bush got only 19 percent of the Jewish Vote and narrowly carried Florida. And by the time of his re-election, with an overall 24% of the Jewish vote, the state of Florida wasn’t even close. However, he added, that “the more votes we take from the Democrat’s core base, the more it will impact the overall competitiveness of this race,” Brooks said."

Friday, May 4, 2012

London Jews Help Boris Win London Mayoral Contested Race - In Nationwide No-Confidence Vote

Boris Wins Second Term in Only Tory Victory as Conservatives Suffer Loss of Substantial Council Seats Nationwide
Following a long day of counting and with the results seen at times as too close too call, after a heavy contested race, Mayor Boris Johnson clinched his reelection for a second four year term as Mayor of London, on Friday evening.

Johnson's victory is not to be viewed as a vote of confidence for the Conservative party in Power and coalition government headed by Prime Minister David Cameron, as a heavy anti-government wave put the Labor Party ahead in projected popularity vote 39% to the Conservatives 31%. Nonetheless, Johnson is the one solely to be credit for his successful reelection bid, as the only Conservative victory in this round of elections. Boris, a public confident figure known with his exceptional personality, and ability to connect to voters with  humor and a down to earth perception, won his reelection bid by appealing to the broader base, something the government failed to do so, according to previous public opinion polls.

Obama Opened The Door For The American People To Examine His Record

Watch my interview on Wednesday night, with Andy Sullivan from Blue Collar Corner

  "The Osama Bin Laden debate opened a door for Americans, and a recommendation by President Obama to examine his record over the past  3 and a half years."