Thursday, April 12, 2012

Romney kicked the Ball, Obama's team players scored an embarrassing own goal.

The guy that promised hope and change to the country barely 4 years ago, has done something significant over the past few days to offer struggling Americans, some hope for real change. Just as much of a surprise Rick Santorum's exit of the race came to the Romney campaign, it shook up even more the Obama campaign. 

The Obama campaign relied on the Republican voters and the GOP contenders to pull this just a little longer to enable the President raise Money and be left out of the one on one debate, while the GOP are battling it out and throwing dirt on each other. 

And Boy, did Mitt Romney kick off this general election season with a fireball. kicking the ball right in the president's court, forcing him to defend his record as sitting president rather than blaming outsiders and job creators in an effort to divide the nation and cover up for his messy record and failed policies.


Take the war on women issue. From a issue that would hurt the Republican brand in the general elections, such as the contraception issue, it has become a economical issue, that could significantly reduce the president's support among women. As Mitt Romney brilliantly shift the conversation on the economy, and shaped the narrative of the campaign which is all about the economy and the President's job killing policies.

And then out of the blue, just in time to unite the GOP base, and in an effort to focus on the issues that matter for voters, Obama's political ally and Democratic surrogate delivered the Romney campaign the best gift ever. As some pundits were pointing out on twitter last night, that history might show that Obama lost the election on this night of April 11-12th. 

Given the significant gender gap in support and Romney's low numbers among Women voters, Hillary Rose' comments came just in time to improve his image and playing the right game of placing the Obama camp on defense. As Mckay Coppins points out: "The momentum shift — occurring literally overnight — that's put Democrats on defense is a reminder to Chicago that focusing the campaign on divisive gender politics is a double-edged sword." 

After underestimating Romney's strength, and team Obama's mocking of mitt Romney, talking about him as a joke. Bryon York also points out Mitt Romney's unexpected strong campaign, that overtook the conversation on Twitter, in a rapid response that was never seen in presidential politics. 
 "Want a preview of the hyper-speed political warfare that will mark the general election campaign? Look no farther than a skirmish, conducted first on Twitter and later everywhere else, that erupted Wednesday night over a Democratic strategist's accusation that Ann Romney has "never worked a day in her life."
Within seconds, Rosen's statement..began to burn up Twitter... The Romney campaign jumped on Rosen's remarks with a speed that no Republican campaign has shown in the past.....
The story really took off when Obama campaign officials scrambled to distance themselves from Rosen....With the Romney campaign on offense and the highest levels of Team Obama on defense, the press quickly picked up on the fight... The episode showed something else, and that was about the Romney campaign. Presented with an opening, Romney's staff jumped on the controversy with impressive speed, forcing top Obama officials to respond before most people even knew there was a story.
The fracas suggests that Team Romney is determined to aggressively -- really aggressively -- pursue any chance to press an advantage against Obama. If the president's re-election team thought they were facing a slow-moving, not-up-to-the-task Republican rival, they learned differently Wednesday night."

Mitt Romney successfully kicked of the general election with a upper-hand, as he kicked the ball right into Obama's court. But the Obama team players shot themselves right in the foot by scoring a own goal, which is considered on the soccer field as one of the most embarrassing blunders in sports. 
And as in soccer, a own goal results in a goal being scored for the opposition team, Mitt Romney scored the first goal of the season which will hopefully take him to the WH by giving president Obama a run for his money and record.

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