Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NY Primary Poll: Jewish Voters prefer Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney holds a commanding lead in the polls heading toward New York’s April 24 presidential primary, topping Rick Santorum by 33 points statewide, according to a new Siena research poll released Tuesday. 

51% of likely New York Republican voters said they plan on voting for Romney , while Santorum only gets 18 percent,Ron Paul 11 percent and Newt Gingrich with 6 percent. 
 “As the Republican Party leadership has rallied behind Romney, so too it appears, have Republican voters in New York,” Siena pollster Steve Greenberg said in a statement. “Romney has extended the 15-point lead over Santorum he held last month to a now nearly three-to-one 33-point lead.” 
A lot has been written about the Orthodox vote in the NY primary. A group called "Jews Pick Rick" made the round of the news, creating the impression that Orthodox Jews prefer the ideolog and pro-Israel Republican, Rick Santorum over Governor Romney. However it turns out that Romney's lead over Santorum is even larger among Republican Jewish voters (who are viewed as more conservative), Romney leads this group with 57%, Santorum gets only 15%. Romney's favorability with Jews also matches his favorable view (37%) with Catholics or Protestants (38-39), 4 points higher than Santorum's (33%). 

Romney also has strong support among Jewish voters in the general election. getting 45% of the vote, compared to Obama's 50%. Yet, in the same poll, when Jewish voters were asked whom they would vote for if election were held today, only 46% of respondents would vote for President Obama, while 51% prefer someone else.

Here is me explaining to Yochonon Donn from Hamodia, why Jews prefer Mitt Romney over Rick Santorum: 

"Jacob Kornbluh, an Orthodox Jew from Boro Park who is working with Jews For Mitt (a Boston group), said that his group's message echoes the national campaign's by focusing on the economy. "After all," Mr Kornbluh said, "the economy remains the number 1 issue right now, its in distress. and in order to make a fundamental change and turn around the economy, Americans need a guy that has the business experience and that fiscal conservative record of balancing a budget and creating jobs."

 ..... "But Mr. Kornbluh said that while Mr. Santorum may be closer to the community in values, it is more important to elect a candidate who can defeat President Barack Obama. "In order to beat President Obama in the fall," Mr Kornbluh said, "the Republican nominee must not only rally the base but appeal and bite into Obama's 2008 electorate - independents and disaffected Democrats.Out of the remaining candidates, only Mitt Romney has the right organization,the resources ability to raise big money and the broader appeal that is needed to beat an incumbent President." 

 "Orthodox Jews must look beyond, and select a candidate that not only agrees with them on the issues that matter to them, but also a candidate that can get the Jewish vote at large - those who lost trust in Obama but will never vote for a Hard core conservative candidate."

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