Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - Governor Romney earned the Republican nomination!

I still remember the day, Feb. 7th 2008 when Mitt Romney announced at CPAC that he decided to step down for America and unite behind the presumptive nominee, John McCain.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were battling it out in the Democratic primaries, but i knew that Mitt Romney stands the only chance to defeat the predictable nominee, Barack Obama, and fix the mess President Bush was leaving us with. 

With tears strolling down my cheeks (literally) i went to my car parked outside work, and slowly removed the 'Mitt Romney for President' bumper magnet, placing it in the car pocket in hope to take it out with pride in 4 years from now.

Ever since then I looked out with hope that Mitt Romney would enter the race again to exchange the change America fell for and bring hope to the Republican party.

From the moment Mitt Romney entered the presidential race for the second time, his message was consistent and crystal clear. The opponents that woke up morning by morning entering the race, did it for political reasons. If it was the purpose of selling books, getting a prime time slot on Fox News, covering up for previous losses or simple to stop Mitt Romney.

The Primaries were more than a joke, the Herman Cain, Bachmann and Perry moments were embarrassing and harmful. But Governor Romney stood above the fray, built an organized and disciplined campaign, won 17 out of the 20 prime time debates and earned the votes in all of the must win states in order to get the 1,144 delegates needed.

every candidate has his flaws, his gaffes and downsides during the course of the campaign. And i highly acknowledge that Mitt Romney is not the most likeable and exciting guy to hang out with, get enthused about, or relate with. But this country has already a cool guy as president, a golf player, a beer drinker and even a dancer but what about the country itself? what about our future? what about those who are out of work or have stopped looking for a job? what about those who are struggling to make ends meat and are under the hurdle of government regulations and control? what about those paying almost half of their weekly paycheck for gas at the pump? what about those business owners that are closing down their stores and losing their investments?

Not to mention the state of out national security, our leadership role in the world, our relationship with our allies and the threat of a nuclear Iran looming over our heads.

How did that work out for you, America? how cool is that? how sexy is that? 

America needs to return to its exceptionalism, uniqueness and strength but taking a different direction. And the guy that is committed to do that, to fundamentally change our economy, based on his business experience and record in government - is Mitt Romney.

It has been along time coming, but now on this day, April 10th 2012, at this moment i can confidently say: that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for President, and bring the real change America and the world is waiting for.

And Congratulations Governor Romney, and thank you for being there for us..

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