Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Councilman David Greenfield: I oppose Jewish District but support Simcha

NYC Councilman David Greenfield that opposed the creation of a super Jewish. district and even called it a "ghetto", explained me his early endorsement of his predecessor, former Councilman Simcha Felder on Tuesday.
 "I still believe that the Super-Jewish district, which was created by the Republicans without the Jewish community's input, diminishes the community's power, he said. "However, the reality is that we now have a Super-Jewish district. So the question becomes: who is the best candidate for this important seat? I believe that Simcha is uniquely qualified due to his experience of consistently delivering for the communities that he represented in the Council. I also know, firsthand, that Simcha really cares about the people he represents. I know Simcha. I trust Simcha. That's why I support Simcha. 

Greenfield declined to answer if he is in favor of a 'open election' as earlier reported by Yossi Gestetner. saying "I always decline to answer hypothetical questions."

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