Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bibi: I Like Mitt Romney but i'm not going to tell you..

Following the NYT story on Mitt Romney's 36 year friendship with Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to shake off any sort of affiliation with Romney or even criticize Obama. So he wouldn't be accused by the media or seen in public as intervening in the general election. But we all know what he really thinks of president Obama. And from his muted comments, there are more than some hints, that these two men share a lot in common and that a President Romney will be more than a pleasant wish come true for the Israeli government.

  Watch video and judge by yourself:


Transcript via CNN

BURNETT: I want to talk a little bit about U.S. politics. Obviously, you are an important player in U.S. politics, and is the prime minister of Israel.



NETANYAHU: Yes, I'm going to stop you right there, Erin. You know why?


NETANYAHU: Because I have enough politics to of my own, I don't need to enter American politics.

BURNETT: Like it or not, people care about what you think about all kinds of things in the U.S. and you know Mitt Romney. You worked with him at Boston Consulting Group, right? Am I --

NETANYAHU: I didn't work with him. But when I entered the Boston Consulting Group 35 years ago, something like that, he was -- I was a young recruit and he was already a star manager. He looked the same.

BURNETT: You must not have said that. (INAUDIBLE)

NETANYAHU: Isn't that disturbing? I don't look the same. He looks the same.

BURNETT: He has that kind of Ken doll look, but -- he always looks young.

NETANYAHU: But, you know, I didn't see him for many years and then I met him many years later when I was minister of finance and he was the governor of Massachusetts, and we've been in touch since.

BURNETT: Is he a friend of yours? Do you like him?

NETANYAHU: Well, look, here's an answer that will -- should satisfy you. I respect Mitt Romney as I respect Barack Obama, the president of the United States. And that's the end of the ranking and the questions that you will undoubtedly try again and again to draw me into.

I have enough politics here. I don't want to get into American politics.

BURNETT: I want to ask you one thing though about the Iran issue and Mitt Romney. He wrote an op-ed in "The Washington Post," in which I'm sure you saw.

NETANYAHU: You don't stop, do you?

BURNETT: You know, I'm paid to be relentless.

NETANYAHU: No, no, go ahead. And I will be --

BURNETT: As I believe is your job.

NETANYAHU: No, I'll be relentlessly fending you off. You'll get the same result.

BURNETT: OK. He said that he would, as it pertains Iran, press for ever tightening sanctions, buttress my diplomacy with military option and speak out on behalf of democracy.

That sounds like identical to Barack Obama.

Is that your perception, that they would have pretty much the same U.S. policy or not?

NETANYAHU: You know, I'm just not going to get into American politics. If you want to talk to me about the American policy, then I think the right policy is to make sure that Iran doesn't get nuclear weapons. By the way, that would be a catastrophe for world peace, a grave danger to American interests and to American lives.

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