Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet The Candidates - my interview with the Republican and Democratic candidates running for the open NY State Senate seat in Brooklyn

Earlier today I conducted a one-on-one interview with the Republican and Democratic candidates running in next week’s special election, Tuesday March 20th, for the open State senate seat in the 27th district, once occupied by the disgraced Carl Kruger.

The candidates were asked the same questions, and were given an equal opportunity and chance to lay out their positions on the issues that matter for the community, and the district.

While the voters will be given their obligated duty to decide for whom to cast their vote for, The contrast between the two candidates on nearly every issue and topic that came up in this election season, couldn't of been more visible. And yes, even Israel came up as an issue.

The interviews in full will be published in this week edition of the Jewish Voice - Orthodox newspaper in Brooklyn, NY.

The online version will be posted as early as Thurs. am.

Below are some excerpts:

 On the Nazi comment:

"They know that he cannot appeal to the voters by discussing issues. As such, his campaign and its supporters resorted to character assassination. They said that I - a committed Jew and Zionist - was tied to the Nazis, before admitting it was untrue. They questioned whether I’m really Jewish. They’ve attacked my profession as an attorney with a false smear. They’ve even repeatedly attacked my mother with words I won't say here.

It's all just politics by someone who knows he's out of step with the district ideologically."
"I regret using the word ‘ties’ instead of ‘links,' and the fact that Mr. Storobin got embarrassed by the terms I used. It indeed, was a poor choice of words. I’m sorry that I used it. But the fact of matter is that, Mr. Storobin twisted it, and used one word, in order to try and make a case out of it in a shameful way."

on Israel:

"As a state senator, I wouldn't have direct influence on it, but I could make my voice heard more than before...When I travel to Washington as a state senator to support Israel, I will be able to speak to more people and to get more attention to the issues I care about, such as Israel and global terror.

At the time that my opponent organized a demonstration for same-gender marriage organizations, to get them more taxpayer money. I chose to organize rallies for Israel instead."
"There is no more strenuous advocate for Eretz Yisroel than I am. I will speak out strongly on behalf of our friend and ally. And as I have done in the past, criticize members of any political party that fail to support Israel fully and forcefully. "
As a Debate moderator wannabe, I asked both of the candidates to point out at least one positive thing, they see in their opponent:

"I have no doubt that he is nice guy to hang out with. And hopefully, he will get involved in the future, contributing for the community."
"I've met his wife and she's a very nice lady. Mr. Fidler is a good speaker. And though I disagree with his ideology, it's clear that he believes."

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