Monday, January 2, 2012

Frontrunner Romney hopes to get the Presidential seal out of Iowa

A few weeks ago when the Number #4 frontrunner peaked and emerged I literally panicked. This was not another candidate that one would rely on mistakes, gaffes or lack of Knowledge to bring him down, for G-d's sake - it's Newt Gingrich I said to myself, this might be over for Romney, if Newt wins Iowa and steals the crown away in New Hampshire...

My guts told me - Let Newt Be Newt, He'll blow himself as he did over his years in Washington in addition to his baggage and intensity to win every fight. but from the other aide this was a big challenge for mitt Romney, the established but unloved candidate to prove the only issue he led on since day one - The electability issue, as polls showed day in day out that Mitt Romney is positioned as the strongest Republican candidate that can beat President Obama in the general elections, that he has the fire in his belly to prove he's up for the fight. Crushing and overcoming Newt Gingrich was his mission and he did it big time.

Newt can cry, whine and complain that he was romney-boated and that the negative campaign against him brought him down, nonetheless as Romney pointed out _ "If you can't take the heat in this small kitchen, how will you take the heat from Obama's hell kitchen," and to this point Romney established himself among Republican voters, even among Tea Party voters that have one thing in mind at the end of the day and that its to see Obama out of office come January 20 2013, as the only Republican strong enough to take the fight on to Obama and win the election in November.

The strategy of splitting the conservative and evangelical vote in Iowa, and the rise of Ron Paul, gave Romney the Republican vote according to recent polls.

Now, in order to close the deal in Iowa, and prevent a Paul or Santorum win, Romney turned on the last day of campaigning to those disappointed Obama voters that can help him seal the deal and hand him a victory on Tuesday night, so nobody stops him from running through NH, FL and Super Tuesday and close the deal as the ultimate Republican Presidential candidate.

As Zeke Miller reports:
"Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is turning out in heavily Democratic areas of Iowa on the day before the first in the nation caucuses in a bid to convince disgruntled Democrats to back him on Tuesday night.

Romney packed a paper warehouse in this heavily Democratic county with roughly 400 supporters — and an informal survey found many former Obama supporters in the crowd.

Dubuque County turned out over three to one for the Democratic caucus in 2008, but Romney is depending on crossovers from these Democratic enclaves to help seal the deal.

Romney did a swing through Republican Western Iowa over the weekend, but is devoting the final 48 hours before the caucus to soliciting votes in the bluer East and Center of the Hawkeye State.

One Obama 2008 voter from Dubque (Obama won the county), said he was here shopping around the other candidates, because "you would have to be a bumbling idiot to be satisfied with how things are."

After seeing Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, the voter, who wouldn't give his name so as not to upset his Obama-supporting daughter, said he had decided to support Romney. "He's the best option we have to take on Obama," he said.

Others, like Ray and JoAnn Weigel of Dubuque, were Romney backers in 2008, when he won the county by 42 percent in a crowded field. "We've seen the others come through, but nothing changed our minds," Ray said.

With social conservatives and tea partiers who make up a major bloc of caucus-goers split among Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and the rest of the field, Romney has a wide-open path to capturing moderates and cross-overs — and if he wins tomorrow they'll probably be why."