Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Winners and Losers of 2012 List

My winners and losers list of the year 2012, include many I have covered or was personally passionate and connected about the outcome. 


President Barack Obama
Barack Obama didn't really want all of this they said, but he definitely didn't feel comfortable losing to Romney. His Yidishe Kep (Jewish masterminds) directed the narrative of his reelection bid, which was 'I may not of passed the test, but that guy is just horrendous', what ultimately killed Romney in forcing the campaign to focus on TV ads and character makeovers rather than outreach and getting out the base on election day.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mayoral Candidate Quinn Urges Obama To Grant Clemency to Jonathan Pollard

City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, and 2013 Mayoral hopeful, released the following letter to President Obama regarding former United States Navy Intelligence Analyst Jonathan Pollard. In the letter, Speaker Quinn requests that the President commute the sentence of Mr. Pollard, releasing him from prison.
copy of Council Speaker, Christine Quinn's letter to President Obama

A Clemency for Pollard, a traditional move U.S. President undertake after their first and last term, would benefit the Jewish Community, that 70% of them voted for Obama's reelection, and strengthen the US-Israel alliance in the eyes of the Israeli and American public.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Romney Got 'some luv' out of Orthodox Jewish Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

(My featured piece on Romney and the Orthodox Jewish vote, as published in the Jewish Voice) --
Despite garnering 30 percent of the Jewish vote in the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney lost Florida – the supposedly Jewish Turnaround – by over 100 thousand votes. Hence, it looks like Romney could feel some comfort from the numbers coming out from Brooklyn.

Mr. Romney enjoyed one of his strongest showings of support in the entire country, from a range of neighborhoods in the Blue New York City with large populations of Orthodox Jews, regardless of income level, according to a precinct-by-precinct examination by the New York Times.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

@diplomacy - Behind Israel’s Defense Forces Social Media Offensive

(My Piece on the Social media angle of 'Pillar of Defense', as published in the Jewish Voice) -- “We are operating on four fronts: the military front, the home front, the diplomatic front and the public diplomacy front,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told volunteers - who are working to assist in the national public diplomacy effort – in a google+ hangout video conference on Monday. 

“What you are doing greatly strengthens us on the public diplomacy front. We must fight for the truth, for the facts, and your help is worth more than gold. The fact that you are focusing on refuting the industry of lies and that you are reaching so many sectors is a significant addition for the State of Israel,” the Prime Minister added, according to a press release. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Defeated Republican State Senator Storobin: “I’ll be Back in the NearFuture”

Outgoing State Senator Storobin is stillprepared to re-enter public service and fight for his core political beliefs. Photo Credit: Dave Sanders for The New YorkTimes.

(My interview with David Storobin as published in this week's Jewish Voice). It has been a tough year for New York State SenatorDavid Storobin. After a fierce battle following a two-month recount, theRussian-Jewish political newcomer made history, being declared the victor in arace nobody had given him a chance of winning, by beating his challenger with amere 13 votes. Ultimately only able to attend sessions in Albany on 11 days, Storobinquickly decided to run for reelection in Brooklyn’s newly drawn ‘Super Jewish’district. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NYC – Republican Wannabees Fight Over Chance to Lose the 2013 Mayoral Election


Who would of thunk that Mayor Bloomberg – who is leaving office next year after three terms – would be the last Republican to stand in NYC. It’s getting crowded in the Republican Party, with numerous Democrats switching party lines in order to run in the Republican primaries for the upcoming Mayoral and citywide elections. Republican mogul John Catsimatidis, is one of many who are feeling the heated room. Catsimatidis told The Insider he will start a campaign account to explore a run for New York City mayor “in the next week or two.

Simcha Joins the Senate Republicans; Storobin Congratulates

Senator-Elect Simcha Felder decided tonight that joining the senate Republicans in an effort to retain their majority is what is best for his district and the Jewish community in Brooklyn.

After meeting with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Felder has decided to turn his back on his fellow Democrats and caucus with the Republicans next year., Capital Tonight first reported. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Romney Lost and Obama won? It's Mom, Stupid!

I must admit: I was very cautious about predicting the outcome of the presidential election, for the very reason Nate Silver has been crowned the KING of predictions and poll analysis. In a divided electorate, with so much news, polls, data and opinion to digest, it’s just impossible to assess the mood of the voters in real time, and project the outcome based on feelings and raw facts. 

The Republican Party bears as much blame as the Romney campaign is now getting. Evangelicals and die hard conservatives didn't really back Romney or bother to go out to vote; Romney's surrogates worried more about their public reputation and initial perception ahead of 2016; Tim Pawlenty jumped ship when he received the news between the 7th and the 8th dream that he was not chosen as veep; And Chris Christie, well, he is just full of 'me, I and myself'. That's  the reason he spoke so much about himself at the RNC keynote speech, and why he feel over Obama for embracing him towards the final push of the race.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Israelis Confused on Obama's Reelection and the Impact on Israeli Politics

Israel – A Channel 10 survey conducted following President Obama’s win indicates that most Israelis are disappointed (37%) or indifferent (37%) to the reelection of Obama as President of the United States, while only 25% expressed satisfaction. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From the Situation Room: The Man Behind Simcha Felder's Victory

'OB' [O'Brien Murray] never gives up until the last vote is count. This is what drives the Republican campaign manager - who deserved the manager of the year award for his instrumental role in electing Congressman Bob Turner in the September 13th special election in NY9 last year - OB (his official nickname) so cautious about the outcome of the campaign he is charged of. 

While Simcha Felder is the ultimate winner of the 17th State Senate race last night, Murray definitely was the driving force behind the campaign. While I worked with OB on the Bob Turner congressional and senate primary campaign, I got to know the man in the situation room and (and learn) his tactics, his managing skills and most of all his controlling mode. OB takes nothing and nobody for granted, thus does not rest until his candidate is announced the winner. 



Barack Obama:
With a record like this, a stagnated economy, and running for reelection by a message-less negative campaign , Barack Obama has more mazel than anything else. The race was a dead heat since May of 2012 until the very end - election day, he performed bad in the first debate and remained vaguely competent in the remaining debates, but some water and wind made him look presidential in the final analysis, and the minority ethnic voting blocs gave him the upper hand in all of the competitive battle ground states which ultimately handed him a early and solid victory, good enough to claim a mandate for another four years of partisan bickering and weak leadership globally. 

Joe Biden: 
Long live our beloved vice president. He got another four years of eating lunch with the President and granting us his daily portion of gaffes and off the cuff comments.

David Axelrod:
The Stache survived!

Nate Silver:
His predictions of the presidential outcome was on the point. PPP polling firm was also more accurate than ever, overtaking Rasmussen's accuracy.

Simcha Felder:
Simcha Felder got the support he needed to represent the newly drawn Super Jewish district. Despite being pushed by some self serving community leaders and operatives, Simcha managed to lead the narrative of his campaign, buried the discussion  about his record in city council and took the courage to face the voters in the district and court their vote. Time will tell if the overwhelming support Felder got was due to the fact of a weakened opponent and the backing of the entire establishment, or a renewed mandate giving him a third chance to deliver to the community, and address the individual needs in Albany.

David Greenfield:
Councilman Greenfield is the most powerful local politician in the Jewish community in Brooklyn. His enthusiastic support for Felder and his smart approach places him in the league of one of the most respected, effective and independent voices of our community. 

Community First:
'Community First' founded and headed by Rabbi Nachman Caller and directed by Moshe Friedman get the credit for opening the conversation about our community's needs and educating the individual to learn the issues that matter most to all of us, examine the candidates record and holding our elected officials accountable. Agudath Israel's lobbyists and the drawer of the super Jewish district Shea Ostreicher now know there's a new kid in town. The Republican Senate leadership or by reverse the new Democratic majority leadership and local public officials know that Rabbi Caller and his new organization are a powerful voice representing the individual in the community, and are not to be ignored or neglected.

For making us laugh, chuckle and scratch our heads during this election cycle. Their informative and balanced reports of the local races in town gave us the information needed about our candidates, what the Jewish media tried to hide, these local blogs provided us a accurate look at the candidates and reports that allowed voters to be informed.

BuzzFeed: Ben Smith, Miller, Kazyncki, Gray and the political staff made the election season exciting, and held the candidates accountable over their record, achievements, statements and spins. Dogri i would describe them. Just imagine how the 2016 Democratic and Republican primaries are going to look like...


Dick Morris:
Don't dare predict us any outcome, Dick. His inaccurate analysis of the debates and predictions of the presidential outcome were so way off the cliff.

Mitt Romney:
While being the best Republican choice, he failed to connect emotionally with minority groups and confused voters, and fell hostage to the extreme right-wing loud voices. His immigration stance during the Republican debates and the need of firing up the base, gave "Bombshell" Trump and social conservatives the spotlight, at least until the Denver debate. Romney lost his only chance to become President. The journey was long, expensive and brutal, and he ends up liked by default and back to the sidelines, unless President Obama hires him for a cabinet position or head of a council, which I highly recommend.

David Storobin and the Brooklyn Republicans:
Southern Brooklyn ain't so red anymore. With Turner and Storobin's departure, and local candidates relying on down the ballot victories or at least coming close, proves the interesting dynamics of politics in Brooklyn. Special elections and general elections don't bind together, they don't guarantee the same turnout and outcome. Storobin got no support from the Republicans statewide and locally, and no support within the Jewish community to even make the race close enough to send a message. David Storobin is still young and motivated, but his six month political career is over as of now.

Dov Hikind:
So Hikind's prediction weeks ago that Romney is winning with a landslide fell flat big time, so was the money of the ticket to Florida thrown in the garbage with no cash left in his pocket. Dov Hikind abandoned his voters in the community, even after Sandy hit the neighborhood, for a week long stump in Florida for Romney, and most probably lost his promised job in the Romney administration.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Prediction: I Believe in AmeRomney!

Its Official. Mitt Romney is poised to win the presidential election on Tuesday night with a comfortable lead that will send a message of change across the world. 

While i have been sort of cautious to offer my predictions, due to the futility of the race during the past few months, its incumbent on me to asses the outcome of the race based on my analysis and assertion of the final stretch. I can now confidently predict that Mitt Romney will win the popular vote 50-48, and win at least 276 electoral votes, not taking in count any last minute surprise - such as an upset in PA and MI.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't Ask How Romney Can Win, Ask Why Romney Must Win

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have come across to debate many Republicans (Not those who're convinced in Obama's victory ever since) what Romney did wrong, what he has to do, and why he's poised to lose this election.

I am always an optimist. As a Republican in NYC, especially in Southern Brooklyn, I get no chance but to help underdog Republican candidates pull out a win or at the very least a respectful loss. So, Optimism is part of my drive and motivation in local politics. But, nevertheless am I a realist, who has learned the hard way of offering resounding predictions, only to hide or scrap out some unconvincing excuse. Thus, I advise many who approach me, not to jump the gun, predict or fall into depression mode, of assuming results before votes were counted or without taking in count various events or steps that could still determine the outcome in November.

Bibi: UN Speech - A Message by the People of Israel

Prime Minister netanyahu released the following statement today, following Yom Kippur:
"Citizens of Israel,

Tonight, I am leaving for New York to represent the State of Israel at the United Nations.

On the issue of Iran, we are all in agreement on the goal of preventing Iran from achieving nuclear weapons.

On the day when we pray to be inscribed in the Book of Life, a platform was given to a dictatorial regime that strives, at every opportunity, to sentence us to death.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Manipulated Video, "Peace IS Possible," Romney Said.

The Secret video that has emerged, causing some to really believe into the narrative the media is trying to shape, that Mitt Romney killed his chances of winning the election in November, looks like it was alternated and edited on purpose. 

Romney's remarks about the Mideast conflict at the May fundraiser in Boca Raton, Fla., may have put him at odds with traditional US policy, and of course stirred some outrage among those few optimists and peace lovers.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Short lived Post Convention Bounce for Obama, None for Romney

(My article as published in YWN print edition pg. 12-14). To bounce or not to bounce, was the political talk of town following the RNC and DNC conventions, in anticipation for the race to shift either way, after 4 months of Obama and Romney tied in a dead heat. Political insiders, pundits and observers expected to at least see a slight bounce from Mitt Romney, as Republican candidates traditionally get after picking a running mate, and getting the party base solidified behind his candidacy. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Romney at All Time High Support Among Jewish Voters

In what could impact the entire race, and determine the outcome in favor for Romney, my prediction early on, is somehow becoming a reality.

While the media is still licking the remaining bones from the Democratic convention last week in Charlotte, considering how big of a bump Obama got in the polls, The Investors Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor/TIPP Poll shows the race tightening once again, putting to rest the early predictions, as Obama inched ahead from a 4-month long statistical tie.

Monday, September 10, 2012

When Barack Wanted to Bring Bibi Down...

With all the talk about whom Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu is eager to see in the White House over the nxt four years, it's important to look back and see who wanted to bring whom down. It was our dear President. Yes, the first Jewish President, as he is called by his liberal friends, wanted to bring down PM Netanyahu. It just didn't work out so well, as pundits admitted later that Bibi managed to triumph over Obama.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Democrats Flip Flop on Supporting Israel at Democratic National Convention

(my article in YWN print edition pg. 10). Charlotte -- President Obama anticipated a ripe opportunity to bounce back in the lead, by rallying the base and appealing to disappointed voters during the DNC convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Instead, he was forced to personally intervene to reinstate the language in the DNC 2012 party platform, adding the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's 'undivided capital'.

The original 2012 Democratic Party platform had excised all mention of God and Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel, which was a dramatic shift from the wording in the 2008 platform. After facing a tremendous amount of pressure from Republicans and Democrats alike, President Obama personally intervened to reinstate the language,mentioning Jerusalem and God in the party platform, the AP reported.

My Debut in the 'Yeshivah World News' (YWN) Print Edition

This Friday morning, tens of thousands of residents in Midwood & Boro Park woke up to find the first ever print edition of Yeshiva World News on their doorsteps. This free newspaper, scheduled to be delivered each Friday, has many features which are not available on our website including breaking news, in depth feature reporting, top political analysis and a children’s section. 

For the online edition Click HERE

Below is my in-depth features in the print edition - on the Metzitzah B'peh figh.


Bloomberg Declares War on Bris Milah

It’s New York City and it’s the Jewish mayor, Mike Bloomberg. The latest attempt to regulate the traditional and sacred practice known as metzitzah b'peh has driven many Rabbis and elected officials to not only condemn the move. This could eventually put the entire practice of Briz Milah in jeopardy. This may also vow with the strongest terms to disobey any order or comply with the new rules expected to be set by NYC’s Health Department (DOH).

Interview with Ben Akselrod, Candidate for the 45th Assembly in Brooklyn

Ben Akselrod is no stranger to politics. After graduating from Touro College with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and receiving a Master's Degree in Urban Policy and Administration from Brooklyn College, Ben - a immigrant from the former Soviet Union – served as a legislative aid for former State Senator Seymour Lachman and councilmember Noach Dear. In 2004, Akselrod was chosen as the first and only Russian-born Community Board District Manager in New York City. 

Anything New, Mr. President?

I must admit, I'm a great admirer of well delivered speeches, regardless of the name, gender or content. I anticipated a well delivered, speech by the President, not only to fire up the Democratic base, but also get an opportunity to resemble the pieces that fell off, and reshape the narrative of the campaign. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Post Convention: Romney’s Image Improves Dramatically Among Crucial Independent and Persuadable Voters

Convention bump? While Romney and Obama are still locked in a dead heat among registered voters, Mitt Romney emerged from the Republican convention with an overall improvement in his image among voters, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Friday and Saturday. 
The four-day rolling poll has President Barack Obama leading Romney in general favorability, 52 percent to 50 percent. But the poll showed Romney steadily improving in likeability and other positive-image features.

Friday, August 31, 2012

America Gets To Know: Mitt Romney - The Man and The Leader

"America got to know more about Mitt Romney's life tonight, than Barack Obama's four years in the White House," was the immediate response from a senior Republican delegate from NM on the bus, as we were leaving the Forum following Romney's acceptance speech. 
The quote above summarizes up the goal that Mitt Romney has aimed to reach in his first introduction to the nation, as the Republican nominee for President of the United States. This election is not only a referendum on Barack Obama's job as president, but also a choice of two different directions for the future of our country, and the distinct character style in making the case to the voters, in order to earn their trust in leading the nation through these troubling times. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


At some point of this convention, i somehow seemed to get tired and unenthusiastic about the November elections. The featured speaker offered way too low hard hitting specifics on Obama and too little positive talking points about Romney speeches. Until the trio - Condi, Martinez and Ryan showed up.

If I would have to sum up these 3 prime time speeches in three words, it would be: They got it. These experienced, policy oriented individuals, each with a compelling story behind them, took the room down. But they also offered something new, something refreshing, something that America could relate too. it had all of the right screws and the right pitch to take it to the American people in the most unique but effective deliverance: Dugri- Straightforwardness.

Now its all up to Romney to sum it all up, by offering a detailed and specified policy direction that will convince the American people to trust the promise, once broken by President Obama, that this time its about Turnaround.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Romney Stands with Israel Against Iran

While President Obama is getting the support of the Israeli Media, and President Peres praising him and criticizing PM Netanyahu for demanding a stronger approach towards Iran, Mitt Romney actually has the compassion to side with israel and its worry from a nuclear Iran.

Below are excerpts of Romney's interview with Scott Pelley for CBS News:
"Scott Pelley: Is it worth going to war to stop an Iranian nuclear weapon?
Mitt Romney: We certainly have to maintain all options that we have. But Iran becoming nuclear and potentially providing fissile material to Hezbollah or other of the groups that are associated with that nation, the potential of those groups bring that fissile material to our continent even to the United States, that's unacceptable. No question in my view that we can put all matter of pressure upon the regime that's there, but they have to also know that a military option is one which we would be willing to consider if they do not take action to dissuade a course towards nuclearization.
Scott Pelley: A Romney administration would not allow a nuclear weapon?
Mitt Romney: It's unacceptable for this nation to have Iran to become nuclear, have a nuclear weapon.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Senator Storobin on cover of 'Bakhila' Hebrew Magazine: "I'm Confident I Will Win."

Brooklyn -- State Senator Storobin reveals to the Bakhila -Hebrew oriented Orthodox Magazine distributed in  NY, that he visited HaRav Ovadia Yosef, Shas' spiritual leader in Jerusalem, and that he accepted his warm blessing in actively succeeding on behalf of the Jewish community in New York. 

Storobin also met with Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, the prominent Lithuanian Spiritual leader, and Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky in Bnei Brak.

Senator David Storobin recieves a blessing from Rabbi Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman

In a cover story featuring an interview with the Republican Senatorial candidate, Storobin spoke about his Israel visit, Obama's Israel and Iran policy and the path towards Victory, in which he is confident he will defy the skeptics once again.

Monday, August 20, 2012

How Obama's Bibigate Could Cost Him The Presidency

What I have been saying all the time as a lone voice, the Boston Globe now sees or at least previews in details, that Obama's presidency is in jeopardy due to the bloody relationship with Israeli PM Netanyahu. A Flip of 10-15 percent in support among Jewish voters - especially in the heavy contested swing states - could end up costing Obama the presidency. 

The words speak for themselves. If Obama won Florida over McCain with roughly 3 points (51-48.2), there's no question that however u look at it - if the trend continues and Obama loses in general around 10 percent of the Jewish support he had in 2008, than in a close election as its predicted to be, a 10 percent shift among Florida Jews (8% of the electorate) is just enough to tilt the state into Romney's electoral column.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney - My Leader; Ryan - My Man.

Paul Ryan was in my head since McCain lost to Barack Obama in 2008. Friends i spoke to, those whom i tried to comfort, told me start looking at Paul Ryan. Who is that? I asked. Just goggle his name, I was advised to do, and so i did.

Today, after following the presidential race over the past year, I can enthusiastically and confidently claim: While Mitt Romney was always the kind of leader I want and America needs at this very moment, due to the state of the Economy. Paul Ryan, is 'My Man'. 

If Budget cuts, reducing spending and the size of government, supporting Israel is called  - "Radical", according to sources within the Obama campaign, then I am a Proud Radical!

Over the next few days i will update my view on the Romney/Ryan team with regard to domestic and national security issues.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Analysis: Romney spoke American in Israel

Mitt Romney's Israel visit will not only be remembered by the outstanding reception, and the personal embrace by non other than Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. It will in particular be the foundation of a fresh start, based on the tone and content of his foreign policy speech in Jerusalem.

While Romney was fortunate enough to publicly to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, its important to state, that this recognition is the rule of law, since it passed the approval of the US congress in 1995. Romney's harsh stance against Iran is especially important, due to the grave consequences of a possible nuclear Iran, and the threat it poses on the entire world.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Romney's foreign policy speech in Jerusalem - 'The capital of Israel"

Thank you for that kind introduction, Mayor Barkat, and thank you all for that warm welcome.  It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be in Israel again.  

To step foot into Israel is to step foot into a nation that began with an ancient promise made in this land. The Jewish people persisted through one of the most monstrous crimes in human history, and now this nation has come to take its place among the most impressive democracies on earth. Israel’s achievements are a wonder of the modern world.  

These achievements are a tribute to the resilience of the Israeli people.  You have managed, against all odds, time and again throughout your history, to persevere, to rise up, and to emerge stronger.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Analytics: How Popular is Simcha Felder?

Brooklyn, N.Y. -- In 2004, two years after he left the City Council, Noach Dear narrowly lost for the 2nd time to Senator Kevin Parker by a mere 488 vote margin. In the 3-way Democratic primary for the 21st Senate District, incumbent Kevin Parker got 44.9 percent, Noach Dear 41.7 percent and Wellington Sharp  13.2 percent.

 Four Years later in 2008, Senator Kevin Parker prevailed another hot contested  3-way primary against two term-limited NYS Councilmembers, Simcha Felder and Kendall Stewart.Felder, as an Orthodox Jew representing the council seat for 8 years, also had the backing of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and enjoyed a sizable advantage in political donations.According to the final count, Parker beat Felder by a 3,320 vote margin, getting 51.7 percent of the vote to Felder's disappointing 34.5 percent. The third candidate, Stewart came in respectfully with 13.7 percent.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Flimsy Pretense: Obama's Foreign Policy OK, But....

Sometimes a record becomes hard to defend or elaborate on specifically. To be moderate, President Obama's foreign policy record has not been too much of a success. Gutsy in some areas and naive and stupid or dangerous in some others, especially in the long term. 

This makes it a difficult task, even to some who are eager to defend the President's policies and the President's overall conduct in handling American foreign affairs. It remains shady to a degree that they are left with no choice but to break it up in to regional, specific areas, in a way that dismantles the overall understanding or argument that President Obama has a strong, commanding lead on foreign policy issues.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brooks: "there is a close personal bond between Netanyahu and Romney."

Much has been written on the RJC's drive to register US voters residing in Israel, and get them to vote in the upcoming US presidential elections.
The goal of the group named "iVote Israel" is to sign up at least 100,000 of the 163,395 eligible voters in order to create a strong voting block, that may even make a difference and determine the elections in some crucial battle ground states.

According to polls conducted by iVote Israel over 40% of the potential voters are from New York. The results showed that California and New Jersey come in with under 10% each, followed by Illinois and Pennsylvania, both over the 5% mark. Maryland, Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Massachusetts all represent less than 5% of the Israeli vote. Yet, its important to note that Bush's 537 margin in FL in 2000 included 60 absentee ballot from Israel.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Game On... Now It's Your Turn, Folks!

Its Official: Senator David Storobin is now officially the Republican-Conservative candidate for the 'super-Jewish' district, in one of the most important elections in our lifetime. 

The Storobin campaign handed in the petitions to the BOE this morning, with 2,274 signatures. This was clearly a result of a hard earned grassroots effort, a united 'Jewish' force - to bring about change and restore dignity in Albany. 

Since this is the first time the Republicans are nominating a viable candidate, in a district that can make a difference not only for the Republican party but the entire community, the election is clearly a choice between two different approaches - one that benefits the power brokers, and career politicians, and the other that puts the community's needs first, and that offers solution to the issues that are vital to our daily lifestyle.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Purpose of a Visit to Israel - Locking Arms or Clinching Fists?

As if things couldn't get worse in this unprecedented rocky relationship between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, there's always another reason of concern. Will President Obama actually punish Netanyahu for hosting the Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, on his traditional Israel trip, Chemi Shalev wonders.
You can already imagine the fists that will be clenched and the teeth that will be gnashed in the White House in Washington when Israel rolls out the red carpet for Mitt Romney, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s preferred candidate for president in everything but explicit endorsement.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Connecting with Jewish voters, Romney plays the Israel Card - A Personal Contrast.

For Mitt Romney, Israel may be one place where he can do what Barack Obama hasn’t: Connect.

Romney’s planned trip to the Holy Land, is a move that has less to do with foreign policy than with symbolism, Zeke Miller reports. With Israel representing both Romney’s tough, undiplomatic international posture and his eagerness to find the emotional connection with American voters that seems to come more easily to the incumbent.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Romney to meet Netanyahu in Jerusalem this summer

Mitt Romney promised to visit Israel in first foreign visit after inaugurated as the 45th President. Yet, it looks like Romney has decided to follow the advice of various Jewish groups, that have called on the Republican nominee to visit Israel during the election season, which would be a boost to the US-Israel relationship, and would help Romney with the Jewish vote.

Romney is expected to visit Israel this summer and meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, the NYT reports.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mitt Romney, New York is America's Israel!

The Romney campaign is exploring the possibility of scheduling a fundraiser event in Israel with a high-level surrogate — something that would appear to be a first in American politics, multiple Republican officials told The Daily.

"A Romney event in Israel could carry symbolic importance beyond whatever money it raises," The Daily's Dan Hirschhorn writes. "Even liberal Americans living in Israel often lean conservative on Middle East policy, and could be receptive to a Romney pitch.

“Israel obviously has a huge number of expats,” one Republican involved in the planning said, “and in this particular race we think they’ll be quite motivated.” 

While a Romney event in Israel might make some national news and the possibility of ramping up some crucial support from the 150,000 eligible voters living in Israel, especially by those that come from battleground states, it is still obvious to acknowledge that besides of the money raised, this event or another won't have a direct impact on the state of the race.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

At Record High - 1/4 of Brooklyn's Population are Jewish

Brooklyn has now become the largest home for the Jewish people in Diaspora, outside of Israel. A new study by UJA federation of New York has found that nearly one in four Brooklynites are Jews - making the borough home to the most Jews of any county in the country, the NY Daily News reports.

23 percent of Brooklyn’s 2.4 million residents (561,000), are Jewish; up from 18% in 2002, the study found. In general, Jews make up 13% of NYC's population.


“When people are running for office, the needs of the Orthodox community have to be addressed,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Borough Park) said. “We really count more than ever before.”

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Turning Back - A Disappointing Night for New York

In what I describe as a disappointing result, Congressman Bob Turner lost last night the senatorial primary to another Washington insider, and an unknown figure to the Jewish community, Wendy Long.

The results are disappointing due to the fact that turnout in the city was at an unprecedented low level. Only 4 percent of registered Republicans actually showed up to vote. Which is considerably low, compared to the low 12 percent turnout in the Democratic party's primaries, that were more contested, but wouldn't of made any difference in terms of party affiliation, with an exception to Barron.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's Talk Dogri: The Mutual Jewish-Republican Alliance

I will not elaborate on the NY GOP/Yossi Gestetner story, since there is a lot of misinformation being provided out there. I'll leave the explaining to do, for Yossi Gestetner, who by himself is an outspoken and straightforward shooter. 

I would like to touch on a different angle, which I assume is the point the liberal Media (hungry for gossip) and those Liberal Jewish media outlets are trying to bring out; and that is to achieve two goals - 1. to portray the Republican party as out of touch with the mainstream Jewish community, when it comes to the support of Israel; 2. Question the readiness of the Republican party to adopt a pro-Jewish approach and the right outreach tools, to be seen as a comfortable home for all sectors within the Orthodox Jewish community.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

jewish Community Throws Support behind Bob Turner for Senate

New York-June 20...The Jewish Voice, the nation's largest Jewish classifieds, today endorsed Bob Turner in the Republican primary for United States Senate.

Below is the full endorsement:
It was just over nine months ago when a sole Republican generated a political earthquake in Washington, D.C.

Bob Turner, once an unknown Catholic businessman, unexpectedly defeated Democratic Candidate David Weprin- an Orthodox Jewish politician- by a significant margin to secure a seat held by Democrats for over eighty years. The stunning victory made national headlines, particularly due to the fact that an overwhelming majority of Jewish voters- an historically Blue voting bloc- rallied for a Republican candidate. The election results were largely cast as a popular message to President Obama on his disappointing performance while in office (in terms of fostering Israel-American relations and improving the economy).

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bob Turner Impresses Voters in NY Senatorial Debate

 This is Michael Vass, reporter for the Examiner' take-away from the YNN/NY1 New York Republican Senatorial debate, this past Sunday:
"Our overall conclusion, based on taking a position solely on the performance in the debate like many voters do, would be that Rep. Bob Turner was the most impressive of the candidates. His presentation was generally direct, answering most of the questions with a completeness and avoiding any vaguaries in the answer. He seemed the most decisive and self-assured."

"Attorney Wendy Long was a close rival to Rep. Turner. While not as polished, there was no question as to her passion on issues like the economy, taxes, and healthcare. At the same time, certain answers indicated that Long as Senator would not help to alleviate the partisan gridlock that has made the current Congress a vast wasteland of ineffective finger-pointers."

Rush: "We want [Turner] to win this seat. He'd be great in the Senate."

Rush Limbaugh on his radio program today, praised Congressman Bob Turner as a solid guy with the perefect Temperrmanet. He also expressed his support in Bob Turner as the Republican Senatorial  candidate, challenging Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in the fall. 
Below is the transcript:
"Snerdley, do you remember Bob Turner? Bob Turner was the president of Multimedia, which was a company that syndicated TV programs, and they syndicated mine in 1992 through 1996. Bob Turner was the president, and it was Bob Turner that chased Roger Ailes and me down one night at 21 with the idea of doing a show. He was a great guy. He is a great guy. And he has the perfect temperament. I mean, the guy knew what he was getting into. Almost. (laughing) He sized it up real quickly, and he was as loyal as the day is long. 

Gillibrand vs. Patriotic American Kids - The Story of a GilliTracker

Is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand so concerned that she might face a tough reelection bid, challenged by Congressman Bob Turner? well, it seems like the popular Senator of NY is a little more than puzzled by the idea that the 'national hero' Congressman Bob Turner, is the favorite Republican Candidate to challenge her in the fall, to hold her accountable for her liberal record in DC and close alliance with President Obama.

Congressman Bob Turner was yesterday invited to a protest that  had been organized by parents at PS 90 in Coney Island. They were outraged after principal Greta Hawkins banned kindergartners from performing the "God Bless the USA" song at their graduation ceremony. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


Mayor Giuliani described it best, the shellacking the President got from Bob Turner's stunning victory in NY-9 last fall. 
"At the Brooklyn GOP dinner, Rudy Giuliani was praising Congressman Bob Turner, who delivered a shock to the political system when he beat out Democrat Eric Weprin to take the seat that had been held by Anthony Wiener. 

“It was an unbelievable shot in the, I know I can say it in Brooklyn but I’m not sure I can say it in a microphone, It was a shot right in the, boom, man, man, wow.” 

“For six days, Obama was talking with a higher voice” Giuliani says, before making high-pitched yelps to the crowd’s delight."


Friday, June 15, 2012

Israelis Distrust Obama, Eager for President Romney

(via Jpost since i'm traveling). The fact that Israelis have conflicted attitudes toward US President Barack Obama came out loud and clear in a poll released on Thursday.

The survey – commissioned by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, the Bar-Ilan University Center for International Communication and the Anti-Defamation League – found that while 51 percent of Israeli Jews believe Obama is “friendly” or “very friendly” toward Israel, more people think the expected Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, would better promote Israel’s interests.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brooklyn Makes Headlines Again: It's the Jewish Vote vote, stupid!

'The Power of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish vote' - is the headline, in one of the largest forum's in Israel, Bechadrei Charedim. Describing the latest development in Brooklyn, in which the Republican party has taken a strong lead among Orthodox voters, and have managed to reach out and invest in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community as well as Modern-Orthodox and secular Jewish voters, a once Democratic stronghold voting bloc.

As Chris Bragg reported yesterday Ringel has been hired as newly minted Republican Sen. David Storobin’s community liaison. The hiring decision was confirmed by Republican operative Michael Fragin, who himself just joined Storobin’s re-election campaign as a top adviser.

The State Republicans topped Monsey’s own voice of the ultra-Orthodox community as director of Jewish outreach for the New York State Republican Party. Yossi Gestetner, who writes the blog Gestetner Updates and tweets, often speaks to the media about issue in the Hasidic Jewish community in Rockland and New York City.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prominent Democrats Unite Against ‘One of Their Own’

My Story on the Front page of this week's Jewish Voice Newspaper:

In a rare move, two weeks before the congressional primaries, Democratic elected officials and community leaders gathered to denounce a candidate - who is currently the favorite to win the Democratic primaries and get elected to Congress - with the harshest words ever used in a political campaign.

At a press conference outside the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan, Monday morning organized by Councilman David G. Greenfield, Mayor Ed Koch was joined by Congressman Jerrold Nadler, Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, Councilman Mike Nelson and a number of community leaders to denounce Councilman Charles Barron as an enemy of the State of Israel and the Jewish community.

Republican Storobin: I'm with the People of the Jewish Senate District

Below are some excerpt of State Senator Storobin's exclusive interview with Hamodia, announcing State Senate reelection bid in newly drawn Super Jewish District.

“I am very happy that I won the previous election. I think it was a big victory for the Jewish community. I think it was a big victory for all of those who subscribe to conservative values, and I think that we need to continue. We won with Bob Turner in September; we won on March 20; and I believe we will win again in November.”

A Jewish Republican for the Super Jewish District

It's been a long time coming, but tonight I can confidently express my joy and hopeful feelings to the fact that a Jewish Republican has chosen to run for a seat that has never been at reach, to represent NYC's orthodox Jewish population in the NYS Senate.

Following his recent stunning victory, elected to State Senate with a 13 vote margin, now it’s official: State Senator David Storobin will run for reelection in a new, heavily Orthodox Jewish State Senate district. The Hamodia‘s widely-read weekend edition will report today, that his primary Republican opposition, attorney Nachman Caller, will drop out of the race and endorse Mr. Storobin, clearing his path to the GOP nomination.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Poll: Bob Turner Readies Run against Gillibrand as GOP Favorite

New York --With two weeks to go before the state’s Republican senatorial primary, 70 percent of registered Republican voters have not decided who they’re voting for, a New Siena research poll released this morning finds.

Bob Turner leads the field among those expressing their support for either one of the candidates, with 16%.

"The Republicans we spoke with and who are reported here represent the universe of registered Republicans in New York (201 Republicans overall in the sample MOE +6.9%), not the small fraction of whom are likely to vote in two weeks," Siena's pollster, Steve Greenberg told me this morning. "But it is clear that most NY Republicans don’t know much, if anything, about any of the three candidates. Among only Republicans, Long’s favorability rating is 10-8, Maragos is 6-9 and Turner is 18-12," he added.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Romney's Adviser on Romney's Foreign Policy: Expect a New Sheriff in Town

In a wide ranging interview with Haaretz, Former Ambassador Richard Williamson tells Chemi Shalev, that Mitt Romney will make military threats against Iran credible, when elected President. "When Mitt Romney is president, Iran will understand that there is a new sheriff in town," he says.

Below are some excerpt from the interview with regard to Romney's foreign policy positions vs. President Obama's record.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Republican Bob Turner will Beat Senator Gillibrand in the Orthodox Jewish Community

Elections are coming up in New York, and guess what? Senator Gillibrand has remembered to visit the Orthodox Jewish community in Borough Park. The Orthodox community has sent shock-waves to the Democratic party and nationwide when it voted for the first Republican since the 1920's - Congressman Bob Turner in the special election to replace Anthony Weiner's seat. And recently Republican , David Storobin won the NY Senate race in a heavily Democratic stronghold.

Now Congressman Bob Turner, is running to represent New York in the US Senate, a win that will not only unseat the most liberal senator in the Senate, but will also send a strong fiscal and national message to Obama and the Democrats, that their time is over. It might also shift the Senate power to the Republicans, making it easier for the Elected Republican President to repeal Obamacare, reverse the Obama regulations and fix the economy. In the worst scenario the Senate and the Congress will serve as a Check balance to a reelected President.

Gallup Poll: Romney's Support Among Jewish Voters - Highest Since Reagan

Public Opinion Polls continue to show a close race in November, with numerous polls showing Mitt Romney with a slight lead in 2 of the critical battleground state - Florida and Ohio.

A recent Quinnipiac poll had Romney leading the president in Florida by a 47-41 margin, and in the latest bi-partisan Purple Strategies poll of battleground states, Romney is leading the President in Ohio by 3 percentage points and in Florida by 4

Much of that can be attributed to the Jewish vote, both in Ohio and Florida, in which the Jewish vote makes up 5-8 percent of the electorate on Election Day.

Consistent with other poll data, President Obama now leads Mitt Romney among registered Jewish voters 64% to 29%, according to the latest Gallup poll. That's a 14 point decline in support for the President since 2008, and a 7 point increase in support for the Republican candidate, since John McCain's 22 percent on election day. 

While Obama now at 46% is down among all registered voters by 5%, among Jewish voters he is down 10 points since Gallup's last poll in 2008. According to Gallup, 83% of Jewish registered voters say they definitely will vote, which put's Obama at around 60% of the vote, compared to Romney's 30%. This is currently the highest portion of Jewish votes for a Republican candidate since Reagen in 1984.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New York Dems Dump Obama

Here's my piece that i wrote last week for the Brooklyn GOP Radio Blog:

I'm not taking any quote out of context -these are New York Democrats who have nothing supposedly to lose by embracing their party's leader, President Barack Obama. Yet, some are running away (or at least shying away)  from embracing the leader of their party. 

Wonder why? What the Brooklyn GOP has accomplished in recent elections might be the answer. Or at the very least, focusing on the President's record of failure and "leading from behind" may have something to do with it. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

BBC find The Republican's Home Turf in Brooklyn - Brighton Beach

Kings county has now 5 Republican elected officials, and the BBC's 'from our own Correspondent' reporter, 
"While most of the city is pro-Obama, there is a corner of New York that traditionally votes Republican - the city's holiday destination, Brighton Beach. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Felder 2008 in English - For Obama; Felder 2012 in Hebrew - For McCain

It used to be Yasser Arafat's tactic to say something nice about peace and warm relations with Israel in English, but then call for Jihad and war with Israel, to his people in Arabic. Well, it turns out that politician's are inclined to use the same method, run away from their record and previous statements, in order to get elected. 

The Democratic candidate for the new State Senate 'Super Jewish' District in Brooklyn, Simcha Felder told the Israeli/Orthodox weekend magazine Bakehila in Hebrew, that his public support for Barack Obama in the 2008 democratic primaries over the favorite Hillary Clinton was taken out of context. "I was supportive of Senator John McCain for President," he told the magazine. 

Romney Gives Obama a Well Deserved 'F' on Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney in a newly adopted feisty mode, gave President Obama an “F” grade on foreign policy -“across the board” when the governor was asked about Obama’s performance in office during an interview with CBS News.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama Blames Middle Name for Failed Israel Policy

President Obama found the golden reason to explain his erosion in support, as recent polls show him losing support in the Jewish community, It's that simple. Those who dare to speak out and publicly criticize his policies on Israel are blatantly disguised with his Middle Name. 

"I'm vilified by the Republicans, because of my Muslim name," he told a group of Conservative Movement leaders, during a meeting on Tuesday in the WH , Yitchak BenHorin Reports. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

History made in Brooklyn! Fifth Elected Republican in Democratic Kings County

Brooklyn, N.Y. -- Two Months late, following a delayed recanvass, court challenge and a hand recount, Republican candidate, David Storobin won the highly contested, NY State Senate seat by a margin of 16 votes. Storobin will represent the heavy Jewish Orthodox district until Jan 2013.

In conceding defeat, Democratic candidate, Councilman Lew Fidler offering congratulations to his rival David Storobin.  And pledged  "to work with him for the benefit of our community whenever and wherever we can find common ground."
Fidler didn't take defeat lightly hearted. "Of course, I am disappointed in the overall result and the many messages it may be sending about politics in our community and our borough," he wrote in his public statement.  "I am also very troubled by a clear fallacy of the Election Law which enabled Mr. Storobin’s campaign to violate the law without repercussion.  The court made clear that the Storobin campaign engaged in activity that was in violation of the law.  New York State law simply does not permit early mail-in voting unless voters are legally qualified to vote early."

Why is Foreign Policy barely a Campaign Issue..

In a smart way of handling a political conversation, Michael Hastings, covering the Obama campaign for Buzzfeed and a journalist for the past ten years, covering politics, war, and national security issues,held a Reddit chat, which I found to be very interesting.

I asked, what I dare to ask everybody i get to interview: How much of an issue will Foreign policy play out in this year's election.. and why is it always considered a minor issue?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

TIME profiles Benjamin Netanyahu as: KING BIBI... Not BFF with Prince Mitt

TIME’s cover story this week, written by TIME managing editor Richard Stengel, profiles Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as the King of Israel.

From TIME’s managing editor Rick Stengel:
"Netanyahu is poised to become the longest-serving Israeli Prime Minister since David Ben-Gurion, the founding father of Israel. He has no national rival. His approval rating, roughly 50%, is at an all-time high. At a moment when incumbents around the world are being shunted aside, he is triumphant."

Blog Post on Bush vs. Obama economy

Read my Blog post on Brooklyn GOP Radio Blog

Dubya is back..Thanks to Obama. 

It wasn't so long ago that Americans decried the Bush era and voted in the clean-up guy, and optimistically hoping for a leader that would mend our relations with the Arab world and our allies in Europe. 

How did that work out for you, folks? 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thinkin' loud... Is American Foreign Policy Moving Farther Away From Israel?

President Bush gave a speech on Monday, in which sort of put him at odds with PM Benjamin Netanyahu's current positions and view on the Arab-spring and Mideast revolt. 

While Israel favors stability over instability and raised concern over America's rush to call for Mubarak's departure overseeing the rise of radical Islamists and the uncertainty in the region, Bush voiced his opinion of spreading freedom as in line with the current Obama administration. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama ONLY Used Drugs in High School and Bullied a Girl in Middle School

Friends of Obama in High school, and Obama himself admitted in his memoir that as Kid he did stuff that should not be acceptable in our society, or suggesting that he should not serve as a role model for the younger generation.

Spin, spin... let's get real! Defeat Obama for his record, not for his positions.

Once again, President Obama led from behind. This time it was his Vice President, his first major decision he made before he got elected.. And boy, does this guy not stop making gaffes, speak his mind out of the blue and create some serious trouble for the President. Biden, forced the President to do what he basically knows best, as he did on global events during his term in office - react. 

Not that Obama took some dramatic turn, or as reported, evolved on the issue of same sex marriage.As Buzzfeed reports, Obama had the same position in 1996, before he opposed it in 2008. my observation was that Obama will do anything possible, and its legit, to energize the base and bring them liberals out to vote, by diverting the conversation and taking a lead on some issue that matter to them as an ideology but not as a mainstream, citizen caring theme.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RJC: Major Erosion in Jewish Support for Obama Could Impact The Presidential Race

Last week I wrote my analysis on the AJC Jewish voters poll. Im my published piece in this week's Jewish Voice, Matt Brooks, Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, offered some of his insights with regard to Romney's ability to court Jewish votes in the general: 
"Speaking to the Jewish Voice, Matt Brooks, Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition said the while it’s too early to predict the outcome, “The poll data underscores President Obama’s significant problem with American Jewish voters, and a major erosion in support.” 

While expressing confidence in Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s ability to make significant inroads among Jewish voters, Brooks pointed out that in 2000, George W. Bush got only 19 percent of the Jewish Vote and narrowly carried Florida. And by the time of his re-election, with an overall 24% of the Jewish vote, the state of Florida wasn’t even close. However, he added, that “the more votes we take from the Democrat’s core base, the more it will impact the overall competitiveness of this race,” Brooks said."

Friday, May 4, 2012

London Jews Help Boris Win London Mayoral Contested Race - In Nationwide No-Confidence Vote

Boris Wins Second Term in Only Tory Victory as Conservatives Suffer Loss of Substantial Council Seats Nationwide
Following a long day of counting and with the results seen at times as too close too call, after a heavy contested race, Mayor Boris Johnson clinched his reelection for a second four year term as Mayor of London, on Friday evening.

Johnson's victory is not to be viewed as a vote of confidence for the Conservative party in Power and coalition government headed by Prime Minister David Cameron, as a heavy anti-government wave put the Labor Party ahead in projected popularity vote 39% to the Conservatives 31%. Nonetheless, Johnson is the one solely to be credit for his successful reelection bid, as the only Conservative victory in this round of elections. Boris, a public confident figure known with his exceptional personality, and ability to connect to voters with  humor and a down to earth perception, won his reelection bid by appealing to the broader base, something the government failed to do so, according to previous public opinion polls.

Obama Opened The Door For The American People To Examine His Record

Watch my interview on Wednesday night, with Andy Sullivan from Blue Collar Corner

  "The Osama Bin Laden debate opened a door for Americans, and a recommendation by President Obama to examine his record over the past  3 and a half years."

Monday, April 30, 2012

New poll of American Jews grants Romney an opening for a Reagan win

As the general election just kicked off, while the economy is getting the main focus and attention, it is also important to see how American voters view President Obama's conduct as president and his handling of the issues that matter to most Americans. In particular those who will determine who becomes the next President of the U.S. in November 2012. One of the determining factors in this election and one that should be looked at very close, is the Jewish American electorate. Since this race is going to come down to a battle over swing states, those that historically and demographically choose the President, the Jewish population in Florida, Ohio, Philadelphia and Cleveland could be the ones giving Mitt Romney the edge over the President. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Obama's foreign policy narrative: mixing rotten apples with unripe oranges

Inexperience - in challenging times for America, and at a time when world's peace is at stake, is definitely a factor in determining who out next commander in chief, and leader of the free world should be. And it is irrational to question those who raise voices of concern over Mitt Romney's non-record in the foreign policy field.

However, Obama's record as commander in chief and president over the past three and a half years should also be exposed and examined. If this was an election, a choice between two candidate that do not share much in common and that express a totally different world view than each other, American voters would either have to trust both of them based on their positions and promises, or stick to the candidate that comes closer to their world view and opinion on the issues. Nonetheless, the circumstances in this years elections and given the historical facts,  the narrative and the choice given to the electorate is certainly a discussion that puts the candidates views and positions on a disparate path.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bibi: I Like Mitt Romney but i'm not going to tell you..

Following the NYT story on Mitt Romney's 36 year friendship with Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to shake off any sort of affiliation with Romney or even criticize Obama. So he wouldn't be accused by the media or seen in public as intervening in the general election. But we all know what he really thinks of president Obama. And from his muted comments, there are more than some hints, that these two men share a lot in common and that a President Romney will be more than a pleasant wish come true for the Israeli government.

  Watch video and judge by yourself:


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

As New York Establishes New ‘Super Jewish’ District, Community Leaders Rally Behind Felder Candidacy

My article as published in the Jewish Voice in print: 

Former NYC Councilman Simcha Felder was the first to announce a bid for the state Senate seat created as a result of the latest redistricting lines, as a ‘Super ‘Jewish’ district, on the Democratic ballot. “I look forward, G-d willing, to the opportunity once again to serve the community and the people of New York State,” Felder said on Wednesday. “But as always, I will work with anyone and everyone who will work with this community,” Felder added. 

 The new district was first strongly opposed by one of the most vocal of New York’s Jewish politicians, Councilman David Greenfield. At an event last month in Boro Park, Mr. Greenfield compared the effort to create the district to efforts 500 years ago in “The Republic of Venice” where, “They created a specific neighborhood for Jews to live in. They told Jews ‘It would be good for you.’ They gave us a grand new name for that neighborhood,” Mr. Greenfield continued. “They called it a ghetto.” Mr. Greenfield added that the new district was a “ghetto district” and the creation of it was “ghetto politics at its worst.”

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Councilman David Greenfield: I oppose Jewish District but support Simcha

NYC Councilman David Greenfield that opposed the creation of a super Jewish. district and even called it a "ghetto", explained me his early endorsement of his predecessor, former Councilman Simcha Felder on Tuesday.
 "I still believe that the Super-Jewish district, which was created by the Republicans without the Jewish community's input, diminishes the community's power, he said. "However, the reality is that we now have a Super-Jewish district. So the question becomes: who is the best candidate for this important seat? I believe that Simcha is uniquely qualified due to his experience of consistently delivering for the communities that he represented in the Council. I also know, firsthand, that Simcha really cares about the people he represents. I know Simcha. I trust Simcha. That's why I support Simcha. 

Greenfield declined to answer if he is in favor of a 'open election' as earlier reported by Yossi Gestetner. saying "I always decline to answer hypothetical questions."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Exclusive interview with State Senate hopeful David Storobin

As reported on Saturday night by Yossi Gestetner, "According to insiders knowledgeable of the discussions that took place in recent weeks, the Republican Leader of the NY State Senate Dean Skelos is ready to clear the way for Democrat Simcha Felder to run in an open election for the newly created Super Jewish State Senate District. ‘An Open Election’ here would mean that the GOP and Conservative lines will also try to carry Simcha Felder, to secure a Felder win."

"Skelos is ready to help Felder secure the GOP and Conservatives lines, and to accommodate other potential Republicans such such as David Storobin that he should run in a different district." 

David Storobin, still hopeful of securing a victory in the special election in the 27th district, that took place on march 20th and is being fiercely challenged in court now, was outraged when I asked him if he would be willing to work together with the majority leader, that backed him him in the 27th, to decide on an agreed candidate for the super Jewish district. "Is this the Soviet Union?," he asked. "I am outraged at the mere idea of there being an "agreed candidate". Candidates should be agreed upon by the voters on election day," he said. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Americans trust Romney... on Iran!

Known as the Mr. Fix-it on the economy, while the economy is the dominating issue in the election season. There is one national security and foreign policy issue, that could be described as Obama's greatest failure during his term. That is the threat we are facing of a possible nuclear Iran. 

While in public opinion polls, Mitt Romney fares pretty low compared to the president when it comes to foreign policy, there is one field that he is most trusted with among all of Americans, with a commanding lead and that is: dealing with the Iranian threat. According to the latest PEW Research survey, among those who describe Iran as a very important issue in this election (47%), 54% would vote for Mitt Romney and 40% for President Obama. That is a +14 lead for Romney.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Trend: Mitt Romney on the way up; President Obama on the way down.

 Polls are going to frustrate you good and proper over the next few months. Drudge will have multiple "SHOCK POLL" headlines, as will CNN headline "Obama still in the lead." but since the GOP primaries has officially ended, Mitt Romney's favorable numbers, as have his poll numbers gone up, while President Obama is steady in his favorable ratings, much lower than when he entered the White House. He's at a consistent  point in his disprovable ratings, and is trailing Republican candidate in numerous public opinion polls, or at his best, his once comfortable lead is shrinking to a statistical tie.

 Below are listed some recent headlines, only from the last few days that prove Romney's strength as a national frontrunner, as the race for the White House heats up, in an effort to examine President Obama's record in first and only term.

While Obama's strength lays in his personality, Mitt Romney's strength lays in his record. as a weak Frontrunner during the primary season, and as conventional wisdom did not give him too much of a chance only 12 months ago to become the Republican nominee. Mitt Romney is emerging as as the only choice to replace the incumbent president, and as an alternative leader to fix the economy and once again unite this nation.
*Mitt Romney is supported by 48% of national registered voters and Barack Obama by 43% in Gallup's Daily Tracking, April 17 2012.

*President Barack Obama's lead over Mitt Romney has narrowed to 4 percentage points from 11 points a month ago, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Monday.

*A new survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted April 4 to 15, shows President Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney by just four percentage points (49 to 45 percent). Pew Research reports that Obama's lead "has narrowed since last month, when he had a 12-point advantage.

*New CNN/ORC International poll shows that Romney's popularity is starting to rebound.According to the survey, 44% of registered voters said they have a favorable view of Romney, up 10 points from February, while 43% said they have an unfavorable opinion, down 11 points, and 13% were unsure.

*According to the CNN/ORC poll, 53% of Americans plan to give Romney a second look when the primaries are officially over, with 45% saying they already know enough about Romney to decide whether he would be a good president.

*Republican Mitt Romney holds a slim edge over President Obama in a head-to-head matchup, a Fox News poll released Thursday shows. In a presidential matchup, Romney tops Obama by 46-44 percent if the election were today.

*By Historic Standards, Obama Is In Trouble. Modern presidents who got re-elected were all leading in the polls at this point in their presidencies — as were some who lost anyway. Obama is in a statistical tie with Romney in the first Gallup daily tracking poll of the general election, and that might not be enough.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Romney kicked the Ball, Obama's team players scored an embarrassing own goal.

The guy that promised hope and change to the country barely 4 years ago, has done something significant over the past few days to offer struggling Americans, some hope for real change. Just as much of a surprise Rick Santorum's exit of the race came to the Romney campaign, it shook up even more the Obama campaign. 

The Obama campaign relied on the Republican voters and the GOP contenders to pull this just a little longer to enable the President raise Money and be left out of the one on one debate, while the GOP are battling it out and throwing dirt on each other. 

And Boy, did Mitt Romney kick off this general election season with a fireball. kicking the ball right in the president's court, forcing him to defend his record as sitting president rather than blaming outsiders and job creators in an effort to divide the nation and cover up for his messy record and failed policies.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - Governor Romney earned the Republican nomination!

I still remember the day, Feb. 7th 2008 when Mitt Romney announced at CPAC that he decided to step down for America and unite behind the presumptive nominee, John McCain.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were battling it out in the Democratic primaries, but i knew that Mitt Romney stands the only chance to defeat the predictable nominee, Barack Obama, and fix the mess President Bush was leaving us with. 

With tears strolling down my cheeks (literally) i went to my car parked outside work, and slowly removed the 'Mitt Romney for President' bumper magnet, placing it in the car pocket in hope to take it out with pride in 4 years from now.

Ever since then I looked out with hope that Mitt Romney would enter the race again to exchange the change America fell for and bring hope to the Republican party.

From the moment Mitt Romney entered the presidential race for the second time, his message was consistent and crystal clear. The opponents that woke up morning by morning entering the race, did it for political reasons. If it was the purpose of selling books, getting a prime time slot on Fox News, covering up for previous losses or simple to stop Mitt Romney.

The Primaries were more than a joke, the Herman Cain, Bachmann and Perry moments were embarrassing and harmful. But Governor Romney stood above the fray, built an organized and disciplined campaign, won 17 out of the 20 prime time debates and earned the votes in all of the must win states in order to get the 1,144 delegates needed.

every candidate has his flaws, his gaffes and downsides during the course of the campaign. And i highly acknowledge that Mitt Romney is not the most likeable and exciting guy to hang out with, get enthused about, or relate with. But this country has already a cool guy as president, a golf player, a beer drinker and even a dancer but what about the country itself? what about our future? what about those who are out of work or have stopped looking for a job? what about those who are struggling to make ends meat and are under the hurdle of government regulations and control? what about those paying almost half of their weekly paycheck for gas at the pump? what about those business owners that are closing down their stores and losing their investments?

Not to mention the state of out national security, our leadership role in the world, our relationship with our allies and the threat of a nuclear Iran looming over our heads.

How did that work out for you, America? how cool is that? how sexy is that? 

America needs to return to its exceptionalism, uniqueness and strength but taking a different direction. And the guy that is committed to do that, to fundamentally change our economy, based on his business experience and record in government - is Mitt Romney.

It has been along time coming, but now on this day, April 10th 2012, at this moment i can confidently say: that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for President, and bring the real change America and the world is waiting for.

And Congratulations Governor Romney, and thank you for being there for us..