Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NY Republican delegation settling for Romney...

First it was Michael Grimm, now The Congressman I so admire as the most senior Republican Congressman in New York city (well long Island), is putting together his thoughts and ready to jump on board to endorse Mitt Romney for President.

Here is an interview he gave tonight to Reid Pillifant from Capital New York:
Representative Peter King has almost settled on a presidential candidate. "I think, first of all, Mitt Romney is clearly the most competent candidate we have," he told me in a phone interview this afternoon.
"I will probably end up endorsing Mitt Romney, I'm just not ready to do it now. If it comes down, which it looks like it will, to a campaign on the economy, I would say business experience and competency, Mitt Romney is clearly our strongest candidate. He's probably won all the debates. Certainly, he hasn't lost any of them, I'll put it that way. And he's serious. He's shown he's a serious player."

"I think if Mitt Romney is the nominee, the Republican brand will be strong, because he'll be competent," King said. "I mean, he's not going to give a bad answer, he's not going to show a lack of understanding, so he will certainly show that we are an intelligent party, that we understand the issues. On some of his foreign policy positions, I may have some concerns but at least he expresses them in an articulate, intelligent way. Mitt Romney certainly measures up as a very legitimate candidate, no matter what."
Here is what he thinks of the other candidates:

Rick Perry:
"I mean, Rick Perry has shown he's not serious, You can't run for president without having a greater grasp of the issues."
Herman Cain:
"Like with Herman Cain, you shouldn't run for president if you don't read the newspaper."
Newt Gingrich:
"I don't support Newt Gingrich, I do not think he overall did an effective job as speaker and I don't think he has the discipline to be the Republican nominee."
(King once said Gingrich had "a Southern, anti-union attitude that appeals to the mentality of hillbillies at revival meetings.").

One only hopes that with influences i have, and following the path of his Republican colleagues, well! only reading the newspapers. Newly Elected Congressman Bob Turner will also endorse Romney in the very near future. (in the latest PPP poll done on the eve of the September 13th special election - Mitt Romney beat President Obama in the NY9th Congressional district).

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