Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Op – Ed on TLJnews: The State of the Union – It’s Mitt’s Time.

My view on the state of the Republican race, as published on the TLJNews website:

Call it lucky or strategic brilliance, Mitt Romney has proven to be a well-polished politician and over the course of this vetting process He has positioned himself as a strong challenger to President Obama. Between the drinks, adopted children, flaws, gaffes and allegations, the field of presidential contenders might not be so attractive to many voters out there, especially for those looking for a variety choice between style and substance. Between values and character, hence looking back over the past few months from the moment the process began to the flak and flaws from the major players, it seems like it was just written from above that now is Mitt’s time. The main barriers to his candidacy and the big guns that were threatening his five year journey to Pennsylvania Avenue were just pushed off the track one by one. That was not by choice. First it was Mike Huckabee, then Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour, followed by Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani.

To his credit, When it all looked so dark, if it was Rick Perry’s late entrance or Herman Cain’s straw poll bounce, Mitt Romney continued to wrench up endorsements, fill up his war chest, and run away from the spot light, some calling it – the Mittness protection program (look’s like he took some advice from Benjamin Netanyahu). He just waited out for everything to play out for his favor.

Despite his Flip flop image, and his failure to lock up the case among Republican voters, Mitt Romney has stuck consistently to his commitment to run a national campaign. A campaign based and focused on defeating Barack Obama. Although he may not appeal to many conservatives that question his convictions or brew on a daily basis his first term governorship record in Massachusetts, his broader message of focusing on the economy and fiscal policy is resonating among the electorate as a consensus candidate. A candidate that can bring our country together in a time of crisis, clean up the our mess, and fix the broken gridlock system in Washington.

The latest stories and flaws by other candidates are indications that although the Media might be eager to offer a fair and balanced shared coverage of the Republicans. However, crisis management and the candidates capabilities of handling crises or hiring the right staff that is able to to lead a positive public relations is a greater an much needed factor in the race for the White house.

Romney has not been fairly treated by Mainstream media nor promoted by them, yet knew the way to avoid them or play by the rules when put in spotlight.

In terms of improving his communications skills, he came a long way from his robotic, buttoned shirt style, to, at the very least an effort to, shvitz a little. It could be seen in his off the script townhall speeches engaging with voters on the campaign trail and yes even his testy encounter with Rick Perry at the last debate, which in many eyes did him good in showing his other side.

Mitt might not be the most perfect guy. As a matter of fact not even the coolest new media communicator. Not to mention his lack of excitement, being a poor enthusiastic energizer. Nevertheless he is wanted and needed to get the Job done. for the very simple reason – Because when the cameras are turned away, the microphones muted down, and the door is closed behind him, he’ll know how to take the task forward. He will appoint the right people for the right Job, He’s experienced enough to avoid fatal mistakes, and given the skills to bring together both parties in Washington to work together on the issues that unite America and the right world view to restore America’s leadership role in the world.

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