Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mitt Romney - The Mentch!

watching the viral Youtube clip about 9-9-9 times, it just struck my mind and others too, there was some voice in the background trying to give a helping hand to a falling brother in a troubling and embarrassing moment, a moment that could have an impact on the Perry presidential campaign, and ultimately a gaffe that only Mitt Romney could be the beneficiary of this, depending on how the media would play a role in exploiting it.. and yet Mitt did what nobody on that podium did, offering a helping generous hand trying to help Perry refresh his frozen memory.

Mitt Romney was the only candidate in this race, that was negatively attacked, and has taken on brutally bruises from Rick Perry, and in response, at the right moment Mitt proved himself to have one of the crucial components some like to see in a person: Mitt Romney is a Mentch!.

Here is what Kathleen Parker writes in the Washington Post:

As Perry was free-falling into the abyss of lost thoughts Wednesday night, he turned to his fellow contestants as if to say, “Please, someone, can’t you tell me what I think?”

From somewhere on the panel, a voice reached out to the struggling Texan, a suggestion that might help Perry gather himself and emerge from this utter humiliation.

The voice belonged to Mitt Romney...Romney’s suggestion when most of the others were squirmingly silent was an act of pure kindness and self-sacrificing generosity. It was not especially noticeable. But if you were Rick Perry in that moment, you were well aware that Romney was the one who tried to save you. When Perry finally said, “Oops,” it was Romney toward whom he looked.

Small, but not insignificant, this gesture of active empathy tells much about the man who extended it. He’s a nice guy in a season of nastiness, a trait that may also be his greatest political failing.

Others insist that Romney can’t earn people’s confidence because he’s too squeaky clean. Few can identify with a man who never touches coffee or alcohol, whose hair is as precise as the crease in his pants. Or, put another way, the figures in his business ledgers?

He seems preternaturally unflappable, which to some is too robotic, not-quite-human. We like some fallibility in our leaders and flaws in our protagonists. Perhaps Romney would benefit from a slight imperfection or some other handicap over which he has struggled.

Or might kindness and humility be handicaps in a mean, self-infatuated world?

Humility is a tough trait to communicate in a presidential campaign that requires confident self-promotion, though it is often apparent in Romney’s debate face. He looks at others respectfully when they are speaking, and his expression betrays patience and even a hopefulness that they will do well.."

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