Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Forget allegations for a second, Herman Cain's lack of foreign affairs knowledge troubles me - A LOT

Ok, let's say this is a smear campaign, the sexual harassment allegations are out of the bucket, and that Herman Cain's support will not be effected by this story, it might even take him to the lead in early states, at least in terms of empathy for him.

What troubles me the most is not his 9-9-9 plan, his past business experience, or his non politician image, but his lack of foreign policy experience and lack of knowledge on the basics, every American leader should know before he runs for office, ready to be positioned as the Leader of the Free world.

First it was not knowing what the Right of Return is, followed by the uz-beki-beki-stan-stan flak, going further to suggest,( oh no he was misunderstood) he would consider a possible negotiation hostage deal with Al-Qaeda, playing more Hawkish than Danny Danon, questioning the existence of the Palestinian people, not to mention his comparing foreign policy to making Pizza, who even has the courage to bring up his disastrous O'Reilly interview on Iran and China... Ok my head is spinning already, and this is just a brief summary of the past few weeks.

During a discussion with comedian Dennis Miller, O'Reilly explained: "I like Herman Cain, I like his spirit, I think he presents himself very well. But when he came on the Factor a few weeks ago, he had no clue about foreign affairs. None."

Cain's lack of detailed answers on Foreign policy matters may not hurt him in the GOP primary, as the FIX notes three reason: "1) The Republican electorate is almost exclusively focused on the economy; 2) his candor is part and parcel of his "not politician" appeal; 3) in a crowded Republican field, he's been able to mask what he doesn't know easily and effectively".

In comparison to the economy, foreign policy hardly plays a factor in the general elections, hence we expect to be given a choice of packages, a package that includes solution to fix the economy and bring the situation around, but also a vision for American's role in the World, and American ought to be sure enough they are electing a guy that knows enough about how to keep them safe from harm, and make up for the mess we are experiencing right now nationally and globally.

Herman Cain, with all due respect, does not fit that model, Americans and America's allies cannot afford another 4 years of uncertainty, and the mishandling of dramatic Global events unfolding unprecedentedly on a daily basis.

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