Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don't Love him, Like him ...

He's avoiding one on one TV interviews, stiff and sticky to his talking points and campaign tactics, blamed by his fellow conservatives and primary rivals as a flip-flopper and  proven inconsistency stances on policies. Yet Mitt Romney- has performed so well over the past few months in all fronts as the debater,fundraiser,endorsement pick-up and presidential in chief - overcoming all the flavors of the week and potential frontrunners, all in await to lock up the Republican nomination and take on President Obama in what it looks like a long and tight race.

You may not love Mitt Romney in personal, but you gotta 'Like' him, at least if you want a winnable race and experience the defeat of President Obama and watch a well addressed concession speech in Hyde park on Nov. 2 2012.

As Roger Simon sums it up in Politico:
."...Once again Wednesday, his debate performance was calm, dignified and always taking the correct Republican line.....and Romney always gets his answers correct.

Has Romney flip-flopped? You bet. But soon that will seem long ago and far away.

“I’m a man of steadiness and constancy,” Romney said during the debate, citing not his stand on the issues, but his 42 years of marriage, which resulted in five children, and his 24 years at Bain Capital, which resulted in his becoming filthy rich.

The Republicans don’t have to fall in love with him. They just have to learn to live with him.
And what other choice do they have?.."
 In a personal note about Rick Perry's freeze moment and fatal gaffe last night: well as a spinner in chief , I think he handled the damage control very well (after all he has a sanity campaign put in place.. and a non-smoking campaign the very least not so bad as Block), at least to own that and play the best he can when it comes to one on one - charming and charismatic.. but this doesn't give you a free ride to the White House... The road to the White House is bumpy and risky, and to this point Perry has not persuaded any possible supporter that he has the right tools to navigate his way through this and bring on board those who put Obama in place.

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