Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A tough choice - Herman is loved, Mitt is wanted.......

finally it was a debate, enough material and red meat to feed the media until the next front-runner emerges, I was put off by the amount of personal attacks,but hey! there is no love between the candidates, and everybody is fighting over what looks like a winnable race.

Mitt Romney did something i wouldn't expect him to do, it cracked his presidential - running against Obama campaign gig, but it helped him in expanding his support base, and opening up a lead above 30 percent.

Last Night, Mitt Romney got Shvitzy.. he pronounced well the Jewish often used word: Chutzpa.. i don't blame him, after being thrown back time and time, as the party was searching for a Romney alternative,somebody that can steal away his so wished position,untill for a moment it looked like the mission of crushing down Romney came, Rick Perry the only candidate i thought can really beat the S..t out of Romney rose to steal the crown, yet after being exposed his image just started fading - he started looking like a sleepy Bush, after all these shaking up moments, Romney's hair still in place and  still standing his ground, the enthusiastic conservative base had no choice but to rally around the nine-(yes)-nine-(we)-nine-(can)  candidate - Businessman Herman Cain.

I can understand the frustration, this is a vetting process, hence the personal attacks on Romney i think went a lil too far,last night it just took another nasty hit - stabbing him right in his back, Rick Perry from one side, and Rick Santorum from the other side, both calling him a liar and a hypocrite.

I still think Mitt Romney is solid, he is viewed as the best candidate to beat President Obama, and in a time of crisis he is the guy that voters, not only those voting in the Republican primaries, think he can turn around things and fix the mess we are in, he may not fill a stadium of 20 thousand cheering supporters, and may not have the best speech lines or slogans, Yet Mitt Romney is a wanted candidate for the Job, not only a loved candidate (Like Cain) to take us through the election season with a chuckling smile over our face, or a shameful bowing head trying to cover up for gaffes made.

And here is another point: Yes, Mitt Romney was on the defensive last night, something i know is not helpful for a winning candidate, yet he stood his ground, because he was only defending his past, not his current offered proposals to lead this great nation, in a time that Herman Cain was forced to defend his offered solutions, and as always stumbled on Foreign policy, the burden of naivety we cannot carry on our backs for four more year, not to mention Rick Perry, trying to defend his Immigration policy and his support of TARP, in attempt to just climb back to the top.

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