Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In a winnable election - Christie ran away from a risky run

Seth Mandel makes a great point in the Commentary Magazine:
"With Christie, there is much to lose by running for president and losing to Obama–or, far worse, losing the nomination fight. It will damage his re-election bid in New Jersey. It would probably put his reform agenda on hold during the election–a hold from which it may never resume.

It may be Christie’s moment....In many ways, he seems the perfect candidate for this election. But it must be asked: What if he loses?"
Here is why a Presidential run at this moment might not have worked out so well - Christie, as a blue-state governor and moderate, would have to split the conservative/Moderate vote between him and Romney, a base that has proven to be less eager to split, and a solid Romney that wasnt forced to open his war chest yet ,hard to beat (Rick Perry is the latest example). while not even getting the chance to destroy Perry and diminish Cain's rise from the right, which gives Christie a very limited space to make it to the finish line.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released today showed Christie winning only 11 percent of the Republican vote, in fourth place behind Romney, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and businessman Herman Cain, which is not too much of a welcome note - for a winner takes it all candidate.

Let's not fool ourselves, elections are risky, and even more riskier against an incumbent, nevertheless Obama as polls show is more than vulnerable, so to clam down the base so eager to win, all Christie should of done, and its better late than never (Palin - still hasn't decided...or not done with her teasing business) is, to come out there and tell those concerned citizens - Help is on the way - rally behind a running candidate , all of them attractive in some way, and march united to Victory... I'll be there to make sure we make it.

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